Exclusive: Meet Cleotrapa, from viral moments to her new Summer Anthem “I Like”, she’s one to watch!

You’ve seen her on your FYP and timeline, but how well do you know NY-born Influencer Cleotrapa? We chat with the viral-sensation herself about everything from her latest single “I Like” to creating her hilarious videos that keep us going.

Photographed by Andre Uncut


Hey Cleo! First and foremost How are you? How was your birthday?

Thank you!! I’m doing good, I’m chilling right now, I’ve just moved so it’s been a busy week with my Birthday and that happening. 

We love your newest single “I like”, what can your fans expect this hot-girl summer? Any live performances lined up? 

I’m definitely going to be putting out more music this summer. I’m performing at an event that’s hosted in Staten Island, where I’m from, which is exciting because it’s a community event. I’m super excited to perform my new music for them.

Photographed by Andre Uncut

How has your writing process evolved over time? Have you found what works best for you and your team? 

It’s funny you say that because I do everything myself, it’s just me. I do lock in time to listen to the beat, sometimes like 100 times because sometimes it won’t hit me then and there. It’s a process, I think about what I want to talk about, what the message of the song’s going to be, and go from there. 

You’ve always been very much a Fashion influencer – The girls loved your “That Girl” Tracksuit from your online shop, can we expect something new for Summer? 

Thank you!! It’s crazy because that was actually one of the first pieces I designed. I wanted to model but I also wanted to design, I wanted to attend school for fashion design and when it didn’t work out for me, I was done with it so it’s good that I’m here now creating what I love. I love designing leisure wear, so the track suit is something I’ll want to do more of. I’m going to come out with more designs soon. 

Photographed by Andre Uncut

What are some of your favorite Brands at the moment? 

Damn, that’s hard! I love Mugler, the fabric they use is incredible like the denim and leggings – wow! I also love Kim Shui, I just wore a top from her for my Birthday outfit, her stuff is so fly. And of course, Telfar! That’s my favorite. I love designers but I also support smaller businesses that make cute shit, I’m always seeing cute stuff online from black owned businesses, really cute finds! I’m all about supporting small businesses that don’t get the recognition they deserve. 

What are some of your favorite beauty brands? 

I love Milk Makeup! Milk’s hydro-gel primer is soooo good!! 

Your skin is always popping! What do you use? 

Cetaphil. I need to work with them or something because I say their name a lot lol! But Cetaphil and Moisturizer are my two key products in my skin care routine. 

Tik-tok or Instagram? 

I can say both. A lot of people know me from Tik-tok. It’s crazy because a lot of my videos appear on Tik-tok and I’m not credited. It used to annoy me but I’ve passed that. People know me and will comment where to find me. I love Instagram, I’m more into that and utilizing it for my brand.

Photographed by Andre Uncut

What’s your process like for creating content on social media, do you go into it with a plan or is it more so freestyling/doing what feels good? 

I don’t really have a system. A majority of the time I’m freestyling or I have a thought in my head and I’ll put in my notes and talk about it. I don’t come up with a script, I’ll jot something in my notes, like one word, and I’ll create off that. I do this alone and it’s what works for me and my creative process. 

What’s something you’ve learned in the last year working in the business and conducting business with brands? 

I definitely learned that you’ve got to be real cautious who you let around you in this space, a lot of people can be users or leeches, you’ve got to protect your energy and what’s good for you. Keep people around you that will help you work and better yourself, I pray that people will catch those leeches early on before it’s too late. 

Can you tell us one of your big first time designer purchases that you’re proud of? 

*Laughs* my first designer purchase was an MCM belt, I was like 17 lol! I used my summer check to get it, I was like can’t nobody tell me nothing!! You work hard and you deserve to treat yourself. 

Who would you love to work with in the future, any artist or producers you’re manifesting? 

Definitely Nicki Minaj! Nicki is so picky lol! I love her and would love to work with her. I love Timberland! I would love to work with him.I love R&B and rap, I want to hear that more! I have something coming out this month that has that sound! I loved Brandy’s “I wanna be down” remix! You don’t hear that sound too often, I want to bring that back with this new track. I have a track with Liana Banks and Lola Brooke called “Petty” dropping 5/26/23 and it’s fire!!  

Liana Banks x Cleotrapa x Lola Brooke

You’ve been busy! We’ve seen you everywhere, Have you had time to sit back and see all that you’ve created for yourself? 

I think about that everyday, this is something I’ve always wanted to do. I wasn’t sure how to go about it, when I was young, I would search on how to audition for stuff and put myself out there – this was bound to happen, if you put your mind to it, you’ll make it happen, that’s always been my mentality. I had a whole book of lyrics when I was like 10, I’ve always wanted to do what I’m creating for myself right now. It’s meant to be. 


Photographer: @Andreuncut

Management: Alicia Gooding @Msgooding of @thecodeofnyc

Interviewed by: Perry Johnson @editsbyperry

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