Everyone’s pissed Ashley Graham appeared on Khloé’s weight loss show

Ashley Graham might be a body positivity icon, but that doesn’t mean she’s a stranger to dieting and working out.

But judging by the backlash from Ashley appearing on Khloé Kardashian’s weight-loss-themed show, “Revenge Body,” people are really confused by this concept.

Ashley made an appearance earlier this week to encourage a plus-size model who’d been in a car accident and wanted to get back on track with her healthy eating and exercise goals.

Sounds innocuous enough… but fans are raging.

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“I really think you don’t fit in this programme,” one Instagram commenter said. “I just watched one episode and it was all about losing weight makes you worthy of love. I thought you didn’t support that bs…”

“I don’t get how advertising a ‘revenge’ body is a healthy mentality?” another wrote.

Others stuck up for Ashley and the show.

“There’s literally nothing wrong with losing weight,” one commenter said. “If that’s someone’s goal and she’s happy to help because she wants them to feel good about themselves then so be it. That’s what Ashley has always been about is other people feeling good about their bodies regardless of size.”

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Here’s the thing: The woman on the show wasn’t trying to become a size zero. She was trying to go back to a weight that was comfortable and felt healthy for her. In fact, her goal weight was still considered plus-size.

While the concept behind “Revenge Body” is fraught and many believe Khloé’s not being 100% honest about how she achieved her own weight loss, the show isn’t about people achieving runway-ready physiques. It’s about eating healthy, exercising and, cringe, loving yourself.

Women who are above a size 10 take care of their bodies, too. I know it might sound confusing to some people, but plenty of women exercise and eat healthy to maintain a fuller figure. Just because you’re going on a diet doesn’t mean you’re trying to torch every ounce of fat from your body.

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