Esmé Patterson Releases Her New Album, ‘We Were Wild’

Esmé Patterson has just released We Were Wild, an album that the Colorado native says felt like the project that finally reflects exactly the kind of music she wants to be making.

And compared to her previous work with six-piece Denver band Paper Birds, known for their fusion of shoe-gaze rock, African rhythms and even jazz, Esmé’s solo sound is fully her own.

NPR has deemed the singer-songwriter “Synapse-rock” with “songs [that] explore how self-awareness forms from the mind’s own chatter in combination with the feedback hitting it from many sources.” 

“It was raining a lot in Portland when I recorded,” she says, laughing. “That was probably a big factor in the sound on the album.”

“I felt like I learned something while writing it,” she said of her favorite song on the album, which also happens to be her latest single, titled “No River.” 

Hear three songs off We Were Wild via Esmé’s SoundCloud, and check out the album on iTunes here. 

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