Eladio Carrión’s Seventh Studio Album 3MEN2 KBRN is Disrupting Culture

Eladio Carrión is a multi-platinum rapper and singer-songwriter who has established himself as one of the most captivating musical acts in Spanish Trap and Reggaeton. He has been internationally acclaimed for his grandiose improvisations, demonstrating revolutionary creative versatility. His music videos have more than 1.4 billion views on YouTube, while on digital music platforms he has more than 2.2 billion streams combined. He has more than 12 million monthly listeners on Spotify and more than 3.8 million followers on his social networks.

Eladio was born in Kansas State, to a Puerto Rican family. Because his father was in the military, they constantly moved. Having lived in multiple places (such as Missouri, Hawaii, New York, Alaska, and Maryland before moving to Puerto Rico), it is evident that Eladio has been tremendously exposed to various cultures. He does a great job of relaying all of these influences in his music.

In an interview with Remezcla in 2019 Eladio shared he didn’t know Spanish but then started to learn around age 10. 

“I finally just sat down one day and started watching everything in Spanish. I watched all the novelas everyday with my mom — like three hours a day, I didn’t care, I just didn’t want to keep feeling like a stranger he expressed candidly.

Eladio’s creativity is emblematic of disrupting culture and pushing boundaries. He comes in full force on his seventh, full length studio album 3MEN2 KBRN. The project is filled with noteworthy features such as Lil Wayne, Future, Lil Tjay, Bad Bunny and Myke Towers, Quavo, Rich the Kid, Fivio Foreign and many others! Even though he has featured artists with English verses, it is important to him that to write his music and run his social media posts in Spanish. Thanks to his successful musical productions and his innovations between genre fusions, today he has become one of the most promising artists in the Latin music industry.

Kicking off 2023 at full force, Eladio was announced as part of the lineup for both Coachella and Governors Ball. He was also announced as a headliner for Billboard’s “The Stage at SXSW” in Austin, Texas on March 17. Carrión is currently working on his upcoming album that is slated for release in early 2023. Additionally, in homage to his first album, Eladio will also perform in Sauceboyz Fest in Puerto Rico soon (the two dates are May 18 in Mayagüez & May 20 in San Juan).

At the beginning of 2020, he surprised the music industry with the premiere of his first album, “Sauce Boyz”, debuting on the Billboard charts, and occupying the #6 position on the “Latin Rhythm Albums” list, the #8 position on “ Top Latin Albums” and #28 on the global list of all genres “Independent Albums”. Thanks to its high sales performance, the album achieved Platinum certification by the RIAA. Later that same year, the artist decided to release a special edition of his album with, “Sauce Boyz Care Package”. This version debuted at #2 on Apple Music’s “Top Latin Albums” chart and became a worldwide trend around Latin America.

Here at Galore we had the honor of interviewing Eladio on all things music. He shares his thoughts on his seventh studio album 3MEN2 KBRN, the features on the project, his creative process, Sauceboyz Fest in Puerto Rico, his sexy beard and more! Tune in below to read the full length feature interview.


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  1. Eladio, it is a pleasure to highlight your talents on Galore! You just released your latest album 3MEN2 KBRN. Tell us, what is the significance of this title?

“3MEN2 KBRN” (“tremendo cabrón”) is the finale to the “SEN2 KBRN” trilogy. We changed things up by adding features to this part of the series and were very careful in the collaborations we decided to include. Just like all of my projects we put heart and soul into it, always making it better than the last. The past few months have been almost like going to the gym for 16-hour sessions daily, except my gym is the studio. You won’t find anyone who goes to the studio more than I do. 

  1. 3MEN2 KBRN is your seventh full length studio album. You have several noteworthy features on this new album such as Lil Wayne, Future, Lil Tjay, Bad Bunny and Myke Towers. Every song is distinct and has a vibe in their own way.  All of these artists have a lot to bring to the table. How do you balance honoring their creative talents with yours? 

It all goes back to understanding and respecting the talent you’re working with. I’ve been manifesting some of these collaborations for as long as I can remember, if you look back at old interviews you’ll find I’ve been talking about working with 50 and Wayne. So I’ve been prepared for this moment, the 50 track has been sitting in email for two years because I knew this was the song I wanted him on. When I decide I want to approach another artist to collab I make sure I have an idea of how we’re going to fuse our styles to make a track that resonates with both our audiences. 

  1. You synthesize multiple urban genres such as Rap, Latin Trap and Reggaeton. Apart from synthesizing these different genres, how do you feel you set yourself apart from other artists?  What is your song writing process? What are some of your favorite effects to add to your voice (i.e. reverb, distortion, delay)?

I think staying true to who I am and the music I make is really what sets me apart. I’ve refused to create music just because it’s what’s sticking, I’m a rapper who spits bars and that’s what I’ve stuck to. I’m also always thinking about what’s next. We have Coachella coming up soon and I’m honored to be a part of that, but in my mind there’s so much room for improvement, so I’m like “what are we doing after that?” And that’s not just in my music, that goes for everything in my life. My background in swimming and comedy has really impacted how disciplined I am. 

  1. Your father was in the military so you have lived in multiple places such as Kansas, Hawaii, New York, Alaska, and Maryland before moving to Puerto Rico. In an interview with Remezcla in 2019 you shared you didn’t know Spanish but you started to learn around age 10. “I finally just sat down one day and started watching everything in Spanish. I watched all the novelas everyday with my mom — like three hours a day, I didn’t care, I just didn’t want to keep feeling like a stranger.” You shared. Even though you have featured artists with English verses, why is it important to you that you write music and run your social media posts in Spanish? How is your creativity disrupting culture and pushing boundaries?

My core fanbase and the people who have supported me from day one are Puerto Rico and Latin America, so I have to remain true to them by uplifting our culture. I didn’t even know Spanish when I moved to Puerto Rico, but that’s home now and Spanish is the language I really express myself in now. My creativity and diverse upbringings are helping me bridge and unite the Latin and Anglo Hip-Hop worlds. 

  1. You will be having Sauceboyz Fest in Puerto Rico soon! The two dates are May 18 in Mayagüez & May 20 in San Juan. What songs are you most excited to perform?

I can’t pick between them because that’s like asking me to pick my favorite child. I’ve had this album on a constant loop for months now, but whenever I listen, it still feels like my first time and I can’t wait to share that feeling with my fans. They know the kind of performer I am. I give my all when I’m on stage. I can’t wait to bring this festival home to Puerto Rico. It’s going to be a lot of me running around, epic lighting and maybe jumping into a mosh pit in the crowds. That’s what trap is all about. I already know I’m gonna be out there breaking a sweat.  

  1. How do you feel your sound has evolved over the course of your music journey?

My wordplay has gotten better. I feel more confident now than ever. There are so many artists out there releasing reggaeton-type tracks for the numbers, but not me. I push to take risks and my fans acknowledge that. I don’t do it for the money, I’m trying to take this movement to the next level. You can’t do that if you’re following the trends and paying attention to what everyone else is doing.  

  1. I see you have a very special connection with your dogs Kemba & Kali. How old are they and how did you choose their names?

Kemba’s full name is Chef Kemba Walker. We got him during the pandemic in Colombia. We actually named him Kobe first, but it didn’t sound right. I was really into NBA 2K at that time and I would always pick Kemba Walker with the Boston Celtics as my player, so it all made sense. Kali is our new baby and there’s a story behind that name as well. Those are my kids. My fans joke that Kemba writes my music and Kali produces the beat. When I’m with them in the studio, I’m so much more inspired. 

  1. I know the ladies must love the beard! Tell us, how do you maintain your beard? Do you have a routine or specific products you like to use?

I’m not one to use many products on my beard. But the one thing that remains consistent is my barber to clean it up and make sure it’s perfectly shaped. 

  1. Eladio, si fueras un helado, ¿qué sabor serías?

This honestly depends on my mood, I don’t like to be restricted, as you can tell by the career changes I’ve made. This brings up a good topic, which is creating my own ice cream brand “Elado Eladio.”

  1. What are some of your goals before turning 30 in a couple years?

I feel like I’ve done so much, but I almost have so much I still want to do. My constant main focus is to just keep improving, I’m constantly striving to be better in every aspect of life. I have to maintain my role as the best Latin rapper in this game. Going to the studio, practicing 24/7, and writing songs. Right now, I’m focused on performing and giving my fans the performances that they deserve. 


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