Dominican-American singer-songwriter, dancer and actress Aileen Rosario is back with a new single “Ricura”

“Hello My beautiful people of Galore Magazine, my name is Aileen, thank you so much for having me, for inviting me. It’s truly an honor and a pleasure, I truly love what you do and what you represent. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”– AILEEN

The talented rising star was born in Providence, Rhode Island to Dominican parents. Aileen has a long history of performance art, due to her experience as a ballet and jazz dancer, and musical theatre. What’s more, she was the lead female vocalist of Lenny Santos (Aventura) group, Vena. A triple threat talent, Aileen expresses, “When I write and compose music, I just write about everyday life experiences, this is what gives me my inspiration to write lyrics to my songs.” Pulling from a vast bi-cultural experience, Aileen represents the multiplicity of art and expression. 

Aileen is back with a new Pop/Urban sound ready to continue her career as a solo artist with Jungl/One RPM. She is working on her bilingual music with renowned musical producer, Genio El Mutante. Con un gran orgullo, Galore highlights Aileen’s new single “Ricura” available on all streaming platforms.

Feature Interview: 

Congratulations on your latest single “Ricura”, tienes uno voz muy bella y un gran flow! To those of us becoming familiar with the versatility of your work, can you tell us a bit about your journey as an artist? Where does your inspiration come from? 

Aileen: “It all started when I was three years old, I began dancing ballet, jazz and tap. At age 12 my father gave me a keyboard and I started composing original music, I started playing piano by ear grabbing tunes and tones. Then I got together some dancers and used my dancing skills creating my own show, the Aileen show, performing my music. I performed locally in Palm Beach, in Miami and all over South Florida. 

When I entered High School I was big into musical theater, that is where the acting comes from and when I graduated high school, I left for New York where I met Lenny Santos. Lenny is a former band member of Aventura the bachata group and we formed a band called Vena where we traveled all over the world, one of my biggest blessings I got to learn a lot, and that came to an end. So I came back down here to Miami to do what I originally wanted to do since I was a little girl, and it is to be a solo artist and touch the world with my music.  

My inspiration comes from when I learned who Selena Quintanilla was. I know a lot of people might feel the same, for me Selena touched me deep in my heart. Her legacy and what she left behind, is exactly what I want to conquer in this earth, just giving my love and my energy through my music to the world is what I was born to do and it is very important for me. 

When I write and compose music, I just write about everyday life experiences,  this is what gives me my inspiration to write lyrics to my songs.”

What was the production process like for this song and its accompanying video? 

Aileen: “Ricura I am so excited, the production process started when I was invited to go to a studio session in Miami where I met Genio La Musa, a very talented producer, shout out to Genio. He showed me the song and he said AILEEN I know you write your own music but I want to show you some songs that I have. When he showed me some of the songs, this song stuck out like a sore thumb. I really identified with the song, because of the sexiness, the sensualness and pretty melody mixed with the whole percussion, the beat, the whole reggaeton beat that I love, it is romantic, it is just who I am. 

I am blessed to have found JUNGL productions, Genio and Came Beats, who was the producer who made the beat. For the video, we met through JUNGL, the director Josh Rich, so talented, we sat down and he started asking me questions about my vision for the video. Obviously with the pandemic and what we are living there were limitations, but we got to capture what I originally wanted which was the whole dancing. I wanted to showcase truly who AILEEN is, the dancer, the singer, the actress. So it’s a beautiful love story that you will see in the video and it just all came together, like the title of the song “RICURA” it’s all delicious the whole way through.” 

What is it like to produce music in both English and Spanish, what do you aim to evoke to the audience? 

Aileen: “When I write, first off I feel they are both easy for me because I first hear the melody and then I add the lyrics to the melody.  The challenge I face is the grammar, my first language is English, I did study Spanish and I was raised in a house with strong Dominican roots, but grammar in Spanish can be tricky. I thank GOD I am bilingual and can speak and write English and Spanish, for me it’s pretty good both ways. W

hat I aim to evoke in people, is to touch their soul with my lyrics. I will tell you a quick story, I did a tour with Tito Puente Jr. son of the legend Tito Puente, and we traveled all over the United States. I was traveling with three original songs, one of them was a bachata song and the title was “Sigue Caminando,” it is about advice to women, to a friend keep your head up. I remember singing that song at an early age, having adult women come to me with tears in their eyes telling me OMG you made me remember about my ex. I will forever remember that experience for the rest of my life. Shout out to Tito Puente Jr. for giving me that opportunity. My goal is to be able to say I made it with my music and I touched people’s lives with my music.” 

What is some advice you have for any girls and women looking to enter the music industry? 

Aileen: “My number one advice, straight up, do not do it alone. It’s tough because sometimes you don’t have anybody, but try to always have representation beside you. When you are starting out, first off believe in yourself and grab the opportunities, and know this is what you want to do. My best advice for women is try to bring someone you trust with you all the time, cause it can get a little rocky and crazy.” 

In what ways do you aim to uplift and represent the Dominican community? 

First music, for sure I have to record a merengue or a bachata, which I have done before but I feel like I should continue to represent my roots in that way. For sure collaborations with Domincan artists and I want to film a movie in the Dominican Republic.” 

How has the quarantine period impacted or influenced your work?

Aileen: “Thanks to COVID 19, AILEEN has become a TikTok princess. And I say princess because I am still not there at 100k followers, hopefully soon. Unfortunately I did catch COVID last year, thank god I am ok, but for a month I was locked in my room at my parents house, and while being isolated there I found a passion for Tik Tok.  I was doing two and three Tik Toks a day. What else can I do besides listening and writing music? So that truly impacted my work and career. I have always done acting but TikTok has given me the ability to bring it back out. This is why everyone is telling me, OMG AILEEN I didn’t know you were also an actress. So that was awesome, I am now truly showing the whole package of AILEEN. 

Listen to Ricura out today on all digital platforms and follow me @Aileenrosariomusic. Thank you so much Galore Magazine, it’s a pleasure and an honor.” 


Photography: Natalia Aguilera, @natalyphoto

Special thank you to Stefan Communications Group, LLC

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