DJ Alice Longyu Gao is your future favorite talk show host

Alice Longyu Gao is a bangin’ New York DJ with an actual impressive music background and an eye for delicate pastel fashion pieces. Her style is sweet, and her angelic aura is even sweeter.

So, when Alice mentions her ultimate dream is to be a talk show host, you believe it — and more than believe it, you may wish she’d start one yesterday.

Keep reading to find out about the ultra cool and enigmatic Alice and her dreamy pastel life.

What’s a typical day like in your life?

Being a DJ means I work late nights. However, I am an early morning person. The happiest moment of the day would be sipping an almond milk latte from Third Rail Coffee and crumbling a rosemary cranberry scone.

I do my emails, then go to and do Y7 yoga around noon.

OCA on Mott street serves a gluten-free Brazilian crepe and I love to get that for lunch. I work on my music in between meetings.

Early evenings I am usually at my home studio getting my music ready for the gig of the day. Then obviously before I head out for work, I need to do my hair, makeup and pick my outfit.

I crave chips and Sriracha-roasted chickpeas so much after DJing. So you can find me at my local deli around 2 a.m.

What music inspired you growing up? What music inspires you now?

Japanese visual rock inspired me so much when I was little. Their swag, their vibe, their energy on the stage are incredible and special. Miyavi was my idol. Though I have a soft/cute image, I low key aspire to be a rock singer since 13 years old.

French electro, house and techno inspire me the most right now. Highly recommend artists from Kill The DJ records. Finders Keepers from England produce weird tunes and I like them a lot. I mixed that with Isabel Getty’s song when we were performing at Ludlow House together.

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What’s something strange that happened while you were DJing?

A weird guy approached me when I was DJing at Happy Ending NYC. He held my hands and said: “you are so great can I be with you on the stage, I am from @*********. (a famous Instagram account that has millions and millions followers)” He was trying to legitimize him being weird & somehow trying to sexual harass me by saying “hi I work for a famous Instagram account.”

Top song guaranteed to get people moving?

I made a playlist called disco house gay gay, whenever I mix from this list people will dance. This list is my secret weapon — “I’m a Slave 4 U” by Britney Spears, “Man I Feel Like A Woman,” “Hollaback Girl,” “Lose Control,” “Dancing On My Own.”

For a younger crowd, namely people who was born after 1995-2000, Drake and “American Boy” by Kanye West

What’s your beauty motto?

“Better to not touch your face” — spending excessive amount of money on skin care is [a bad idea]. Bag balm from CVS is my every day and only “skin care product” since college. I used to have severe acne problem. For those who suffer from that, trust me it will disappear if you eat enough almond, cashew and walnut.

When preparing your look for the day what do you decide first your makeup look or outfit?

At this point, I paint my face with loose eyeshadow powders, pigments and liquid colors, meaning I don’t have a routine and every day I look a bit different. But overall I use a lot of pink and light colors on my face. My closet is pretty pastel colors based — chiffon, lace, tutu nets. So it really doesn’t matter to decide makeup first or outfit first. They will always go together.

Name a fictional character and a real celebrity who inspires your look.

Fictional: Alice of Alice in Wonderland

Real celebrity: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

What’s a beauty product that you use on a daily “can’t live without” basis?

Bag balm

I heard you love Ellen and to be the next Ellen. Describe your ideal talk show environment.

I want to do various “unusual” things with my guests. For example, A night-out with A$AP Rocky in Kabuki-Cho, Tokyo. A girls trip to a Japanese hot-spring around Mt. Fuji with my friend Ivy Getty and her future roommate Anya Taylor Joy. Authentic reaction and funny conversations will generate from these activities.

What would you call your talk show?

THE Alice Show

Where do you get your clothes?

My friend Etsuna Otsuka customizes clothes for me. I spend loads of money whenever I go shop at Laforet in Harajuku, Tokyo.

Photographer | Skye Jones

Hair Stylist | Yukihisa Sato


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