Disco-Pop Queen BECA Is a Hottie With a Dark Side in Her New Vid

Every once in a while, you need a break from happy pop dance tracks and need something a little darker to sooth the needs of that black-hearted princess inside of you.

Enter our fave disco-pop diva with a dreamy dark side, BECA, with her new video for her tune “Future Foreigner.” Her haunting vocals mixed with dazzling pop-synths give us that perfect mix of yin and yang; good girl …and bad.

According to BECA, the vid is about “the feeling you get from the aftershocks of a broken relationship. When you run into your ex on the street and suddenly see him as an unrecognizable stranger and realize your world is crumbling all around you. Your love, shattered like the plates thrown against the wall.”

It also features some gorgeously dark cinematic moments and a film noir-ish BECA, in a glamorous sparkly gown and look that is simply fire. Peep the vid below! 


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Video Directed by Eli Green

Photo by Wes Klain

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