Here are thirty equally ridiculous ways to say “smoking weed”

In case your 3,000 closest friends have yet to remind you — it’s (inter)national weed day.

That said, you don’t want to be like every other normie on your feed: if I took a hit each time I read “4/20 blaze it” over the past twelve hours, I’d be waaaaay to stoned to write this article.

So for the sake of diversifying your vocabulary (anything in the pursuit of knowledge, amirite) here are thirty different ways to tell the world you’re…

1. Cyphing

I recall the term “cyphe life” being used somewhat unironically throughout my high school years. Moving along, swiftly, please.

2. Blazing

Yeah, yeah we know, we’re getting the annoying ones out of the way, okay?

3. Smokin’ dro

Happy 4/20 from Colorful Colorado 🌈

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Hadn’t heard this one before.

4. Puffin’

Not to be confused with the puffle (noun) those pets from Club Penguin.

5. Going green

I get it.

6. Blowin’ toke/toking

I hadn’t heard this one either, but apparently it’s a very real thing.

7. Smoking grass

Seems a bit old fashioned, but sure.

8. Getting irie

The term “irie” is actually a Jamaican word meaning total peace and tranquility; makes enough sense.

9. Kushing

You know…kushing. As in, to kush.

10. Burning

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The kids tell me that what it is your burning is unimportant, as it’s more or less implied. (I feel like people can’t tell whether my tone is ironic or not, lol).

11. Smoking trees

We love #nature.

12. Chiefing

By that standard, should “Keefing” also be a thing? Discuss.

13. Loud

I feel like this term is criminally underused in trap music — who’s with me?

14. Dope

Like that movie, about drugs.

15. Ganja

You, a stoner: smoking weed. Me, an intellectual: smoking ganja.

16. Moon cabbage

This one’s actually really good, lol.

17. Satan’s salad

Also referred to as “Sinister Salad,” which doesn’t have as good of a ring to it.

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18. Devil’s lettuce

Here we are, just talking about leaves a lot.

19. Ripping

I get this one I think, but I’m going to need somebody to use it in a sentence. Like, would you say “ripping a bong” or…? (Asking for a friend).

20. Getting zooted

Now you’re just being silly.

21. Getting nimmed

Lmao, okay.

22. Getting toasty

Weird but kind of cute, if the right person says it.

23. Going bowling

Another one of my favorites. It’s so stupid that it’s ironic, but then again which of these terms isn’t doesn’t fit that critera?

24. “Smerk a berl”

Apparently this is a Workaholics reference. Why am I not surprised?

25. Poking smot

I’m following. I’m not laughing, but I’m following.

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26. Cheeching it

Sounds kind of like a sex thing, tbh. But alas, it is not!

27. Taking a ride

I have yet to hear anyone say this one in real life, and I honestly hope I never do.

28. Sparking

This one actually makes sense.

29. Seshing

Idk why I find this one so hard to pronounce.

And, last but most certainly not least, we have:

30. Scoobing the dooby.

And that’s where I drop the mic.

Merry holidays and happy scoobing.

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