Devon Baldwin Talks Brand New EP “Lungs”

We sat down with Devon Baldwin to look at the in’s and out’s of creating her new EP, Lungs. Baldwin’s been connected to the music world as an artist and muse for forever, and with the release of this EP, we’ll see what her vocal cords can really do (oh, and see more of her rock star style). Lungs is out November 10th.

Tell us about your brand new EP, Lungs. What your favorite and least favorite part about creating it?

Lungs EP is my first full project so there have been quite a few ups and downs, but my least favorite part was definitely when my f’in lung collapsed three times! I was constantly in and out of the hospital and unable to sing, which was obviously not ideal as a little baby artist. On the bright side, I took a ridiculous amount of Vicodin and wrote lyrics for hours, which ended up being how I wrote a majority of the songs on the project. As much as it was a bummer, it ended up sort of being the best thing that ever happened.

What was or is your favorite festival to perform at?

Outside Lands! Partly because it’s in my hometown but also because it’s such an amazing festival. Plus I obviously made a beeline to Wine Land as soon as I walked off stage and life couldn’t have been better.

When you’re in a rush what is your go-to outfit?

White crop top, high top converse, and mom jeans all day long.

At the end of a long day what do you do to relax?

Weed, wine or whiskey. Or a combination of the three. Or porn.

What’s on your artist rider?

Avocado, Bulleit Bourbon, and salt…I really like salt.

Interview + Photography by Devon Trunk.

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