Cyndi Ramirez’s Chillhouse is a nail salon and social club in one

So this past weekend I took a much needed vacation because sometimes you just need a breather away from the nonstop city life ya know?

Well here’s the catch, I didn’t have to deal with an airport or spend over 150 bucks if I didn’t want to. I took a trip for two hours to the Chillhouse.

Yes, my gem of a vacation that left me indefinitely relaxed and ready to get back to work Monday was located right on the LES. Everything about this place is so aesthetically and mentally pleasing.

You might have seen the dope nail designs from Chillhouse floating around Instagram or at New York Fashion Week. But this is not your traditional cafe, nail shop or massage parlor. Cyndi Ramirez has created the ultimate fab experience for anyone needing some quality pampering any day of the week whenever’s convenient for you. Massages, manicures, and matcha is what I indulged in during my experience at Chillhouse with a side of intellectual conversation and trap soul music.

The manicure I received was so amazing. I loved being able to customize my own colors with the option of tons of cool designs they offer. I was hooked after one day and had to get a membership. I sat down with Cyndi to talk about her newfound success in the beauty industry!

How has opening Chillhouse changed your life?

Oh man, what a question! Well, for starters, it has changed the way I see the beauty industry entirely. I have a newfound respect for it, and the people who work in it. I have also found appreciation for all kinds of business, not just big business. For us, it’s just as important that the person who buys a cup of drip coffee has the same experience as the person who hosts an event.

Second, it’s opened up so many doors and opportunities that would never have been possible had I just stayed in the digital world. Having a physical space is hard work, but the opportunities are endless if you think big picture and create fun experiences for your customer, whether that be an individual or a brand we’re partnering with. I’m excited to see where Chillhouse leads us!

What was the main goal for you when opening Chillhouse?

To be a leader in wellness innovation. For us, it’s not just about the massage you receive or the polish on your fingers, it’s about creating a full-circle lifestyle business that’s both attainable and inspirational. How we’ll be taking this philosophy and expanding it remains to be seen, but whatever it is it’ll be special and hopefully unique to Chillhouse.

Any tips for young entrepreneurs?

I always say find a void and fill it. There are countless industries that need improvements, and products that have yet to be made. The only way to stand out from the noise, is to make it.

One piece of upcoming news or surprises?

We’re excited to be expanding our café offerings; we’re typically thought of for our spa services but honestly, the cafe is equally as special and the new goal is to be a destination for not just your morning matcha latte, but for that drink that’ll improve your skin quality, your stress levels, and countless other health benefits.

We’re also adding 9 new designs to our nail art lookbook, also courtesy of Lady Fancy Nails, and will revamp the overall design of the lookbook. You’ll just have to wait and see!

Also also! Our membership is just going to keep getting better and better. Our goal here is to partner with like minded brands to expand offerings to our members, and maybe one day open up the membership to tiers as well.

How has social media helped the success of your business?

I knew social (particularly Instagram) for us was going to be #1, so I started our Instagram account several months before opening, and acquired a few thousand followers before even introducing what we were. Our followers were intrigued/curious, but knew immediately they would resonate with the brand. Those people who have been following us since the very beginning are some of our best customers now.

Do you see Chillhouse expanding to other markets? If so where would you like to open another location?

Absolutely. I can see us in a couple of major cities, but I’m not ready to share where yet. 🙂

What’s your secret obsession?

I have too many, but embarrassingly I’m going to have to admit rewatching “Friends” episodes before I pass out is definitely an obsession. It just puts me in a good mood. What can I say?

What are your go-to beauty products and beauty tips?

Currently using Bumble and bumble’s new repair hair line religiously (Save the Day and While You Sleep). For my skin, I’m making every little bit of my La Mer moisturizer last, and I also have a serious obsession with Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir. I’ve been a loyal customer for over 10 years. It’s always the last thing I put on my face before I leave the house.

Here’s some photos of the location and a online link to memberships etc.

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