“Cry” Is the New Single From ‘Bast’ That Invites Reflection and Catharsis

“Cry” by Bast is a raw, emotionally charged song that delves into the complexities of human emotions and the struggles we face in our lives. The lyrics portray the image of someone going through a difficult time, struggling with their inner demons and past traumas.

The first lines in which the artist says “Little loner/Your wasting/All of your time/ Looking for closure in places/ u should leave behind” denotes the spirit of the song and immediately draws attention to how the lack of closure to past events can constitute a burden for the present.


As the song develops, the intensity and emotions increase, highlighting feelings of confusion, self-destruction, and struggle. The lines “Ur a wreck in the mirror / But you’ve earned every single tear / So I’ll fucking cry if I want to” reveal the harshness and rawness with which we can treat ourselves in moments when we lose calm and self-control.

The chorus, with its repeated lines about crying and feeling the weight of emotions, serves as a powerful and cathartic release. The message that it is okay to feel this way is a reassuring and relatable sentiment for anyone who has struggled with their own pain and suffering.

The song’s instrumental accompaniment beautifully complements the lyrics, contributing to the overall emotional impact of the song. The music waxes and wanes, echoing the comings and goings of the protagonist’s emotional journey.

When explaining the meaning of the song, the artist asks herself “How many times has it been a day and everything feels wrong? I wanted to take this concept further. How many of us hold back from letting our real feelings out, for fear of being judged? Of being unlikeable? Uncool? That’s so fake. Everyone hurts sometimes and it’s actually sweet and human and normal.  Let it out.”.

Bast has been releasing music for some time now, flirting heavily with the pop sound but letting some of that gothic and indie-rock influence shine through in her songs.

“Cry” by Bast is a testament to the power of music to express the unspoken and connect with listeners on a deep, personal level. Whether you’ve experienced similar emotions or are simply moved by the authenticity of the lyrics and music, this song is a powerful, cathartic experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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