CoverGirl’s First Male Model Took His Senior Portrait With a Ring Light

If you’ve been on the internet in the last 12 hours, you’ve probably seen that CoverGirl has officially hired their first male spokesmodel.

But did you recognize the flawless complexion staring back at you from CoverGirl’s latest ads? Well you should, because it’s the same makeup obsessed guy who re-took his senior portraits so that he could bring a ring light and make sure his highlight was popping.

This is kind of a big deal. Not just because it’s dope that someone went from going viral on Twitter to a huge modeling contract, but because James Charles is the first guy ever to be a CoverGirl, or CoverBoy, in this case.

We commend CoverGirl for realizing that it’s not only women who wear makeup, and that there are plenty of guys (James Charles is just one example) who are killer makeup artists.

We’re too hyped about CoverGirl featuring a dude to feel bad about the fact that our only accomplishment at 17 involved learning how to shotgun a beer without puking.

Also, James looks fucking flawless.

James’ first order of action will be promoting the brand’s new mascara, “So Lashy!,” but will also be appearing in future campaigns. Also, Katy Perry, another CoverGirl that we love, seems to already be warming up to James in her latest Insta.

We look forward to seeing James Charles’ flawless face on glossy pages and bus stations in the near future. And we’re hyped that we have yet another reason to feel good about spending all our money on CoverGirl products.

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