Kim K Doesn’t Need You to Stick Up For Her on Twitter

Late last night, some massive Kim Kardashian news broke. But this time, it had nothing to do with bittersweet T. Swift revenge. Instead, Kim got held at gunpoint and robbed in her Paris hotel. It was horrible and scary and we feel awful for her.

And now, since the internet is a bunch of amateur comedians, some people are coping by cracking jokes about the horrid situation. Chrissy Teigen is not a fan of this approach.

But you guys, here’s the thing: some people use humor to cope with confusing life situations. It doesn’t mean they’re making fun of Kim or happy she got robbed, it’s just a way to make sense of something scary. It’s a coping mechanism. And it’s funny.

Plus, do you really think the Kardashians aren’t going to joke about this? Nothing is sacred for them — they’ve been known to crack jokes about even the most sensitive situations, from Kim’s sex tape to the identity of Khloé’s real dad. They really don’t need our protection from Twitter jokes. This family’s dark sense of humor is one of its best characteristics.

You know what’s way worse than cracking a light-hearted joke about the robbery? Pleading with people to stop mocking the situation because Kim is “a wife and mother.”

What does that even mean? If she was single and childless and still best known for her sex tape, it would be okay to mock her? We should only respect people who marry and procreate? This is bull shit. You can respect someone while also cracking jokes about them — and we should treat everyone equally regardless of whether they’re wives and mothers.

Besides, you never hear male celebrities defended as “husbands and fathers” when they’re mocked, because men are expected to be taken seriously no matter what.

(As a sidenote, though, none of these heinous French tweets about the robbery are okay. Like, this is not an excuse to make fun of Kim’s butt. But as we know, French culture sometimes has a fucked up relationship with street harassment and a sense of entitlement to the female body. That’s a whole different issue.)

Anyway, here are the best Twitter reactions to the Kim situation. It’s okay to laugh.

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