Connie Diiamond releases her latest project Underdog Szn

Interviewed by: @Taylor Winter

Popping off as one of 2023’s hottest breaking artists, rapidly rising Bronx spitter Connie Diiamond unleashes her anxiously awaited debut project, Underdog Szn, today via Def Jam Recordings. Across nine tracks, she flexes her raucous wordplay and hard-hitting hooks joined by guests such as Don Q, Dame D.O.L.L.A., and KenTheMan for the “Move (Remix). Listen to Underdog SznHERE. We chat with Connie on her rising career, who inspires her and what’s next for NY’s finest MC.

Featured Interview:

You released your latest project “Underdog Szn” this past May which features 9 tracks. If you were playing your music for a stranger what would be the first song they should listen to and why? 

The first song I would play is “UnderDog Season.” My reason for choosing this song is because it shows my range and growth as an artist. I’m singing on the hook which I don’t do very often. In the hook, I’m saying “Fill my cup up“ subliminally telling my listeners that I’m ready to flourish. Shower me with love, positivity, growth & prosperity.

New York is known to be the birthplace of hip hop so it’s no surprise you represent one of the most popular boroughs the Bronx. Tell us about growing up there and what you love most about being from there. 

I actually bounced back and forth between Queens and the Bronx. I went to school in Queens but I was born in the Bronx. 90% of my family lives there. What I like the most about it is the culture. My friends and I party hard in Dyckman which is down the block, when I want to chill & have a little drinky drinky we go to the last stop on white plains road. 

For those who don’t know, you released your 6th project “Underdog Szn” at the beginning of the summer, you’ve been making music for at least a decade. How were you able to stay committed to your music while not being signed for so many years? 

My love for music will never die. I was able to stay committed to my music because of the love and connection I have with it. There were times when I’ve taken breaks because I wanted to regroup or just quit. The universe always draws me back to it. Creating music for me feels effortless. I never look at it like it’s a job, it’s a hobby that I am in love with.

This month you’ll be on the “Back to 304’n Tour” with Ken the Man. Have you ever been on tour before and which city are you most excited about performing for?

I’ve never been on tour before. This will be my first tour, I’m super grateful and excited that Ken decided to include me in this. She is such a genuine soul and a total sweetheart. The city I am most excited to perform in is New York. I never had New York the way I have it now & it feels good, it feels different. It feels like people are actually waking up.  

Listening to “Underdog Szn” the first song that grabbed my attention was “What They Do”. It’s a fun song that you can listen to while heading for a night out with the girls and makes you want to dance! How did this song come about and what’s the first memory you have of creating it? 

“What they do” was created on the spot in like 30 minutes. I had a co-writer for this because I suck with making hooks. All I can remember was drinking and chanting anything that sounded catchy. It was a fun vibe.

Your rap voice is very unique and gives a mixture of drill and sex appeal. Tell us about how you created your rap persona and what you feel makes you stand out as an artist. 

My rap persona was created based on my actual vibe. I’m already very aggressive. That’s what my music and voice give. It’s like don’t ever try to play with her,  she’s gonna get you haha. What I feel keeps me unique and helps me stand out is that very same thing: my voice. It’s almost like it demands your attention. I get the most compliments on my voice. 

For your visuals to Raid, Move Remix & Ghetto Ratchet what was the process for deciding the theme of each video? Do you let your team decide or are you more hands-on with the visuals? 

I’m very hands-on with my visuals. I always know exactly what I want. My friend / Cameraman Eric Ficocelli and I have been working together for years. He always gets me he’s really the one who brings all my crazy fun ideas to life. When I’m creating a song I can already see the video in my head. most of the time. I’ve created all my treatments for my visuals to this day. I’m def open to Collaborating though I want to work with reel goats in the feature.

You were featured on the first On The Radar Female Cypher a year ago. What was that experience like? Do you prefer to freestyle or make traditional rap verses? 

My experience with On The Radar Radio was so much fun. It was interesting to see and be around so many different females from New York going head to head. Good vibes.

It’s safe to say your signature style is blue hair, whether it be in braids, hair extensions, or natural. What made you stick to blue hair and what are your favorite hair products to use on your dyed hair? 

Wow, yes, I truly just feel like the color blue really compliments my skin complexion.  I really love the way I look with blue hair. My favorite hair products to use on my dyed hair are KeraCare, BioSilk & Adore. 

When you’re not working on music or shooting a video, what are a few things you do to relax or have a self-care day? 

When I’m not working on music, a few things I love to do to relax is watch series on Netflix. I love scary movies. I would literally stay up and binge-watch American Horror Story over and over again. Another thing I like to do is go to the gym. 

After you come back from the Back to 304’n Tour what’s next for you? What should your supporters expect from you in the upcoming months? 

Once I’m finished touring with Ken, I plan to roll out a few more surprises for my “ Ghetto & Ratchet “ single. I also plan to be a little more vulnerable with my fans. I want them to feel a little closer to me. I’m trying to figure that part out now. 

Team Credits:

Photographer: Savanna Ruedy @savannarruedy

Creative Director & Stylist: Arielle Nelson @Arieeelle_

Assistant Stylist: Toyin Lanade 

Make-Up: @KGlam_

Hair Stylist: @Mulanisbeautybar @theebraidfinesser_

Nails: @Enkrystalated 

Interviewed by: @Taylor Winter

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