These Congress Members Are Straight Up Skipping the Inauguration

It looks like Donald Trump might have a few empty rows at his inauguration this Friday!

Several Democratic Congress members are taking to Twitter to announce that they will be skipping the Presidential inauguration completely. You know, because they have better things to do than watch the swearing in of the 45th President.

While many had been planning on skipping for weeks, a few members announced that they had made the kind of controversial decision after Trump made a few distasteful (and outrageous) comments about Georgia Representative John Lewis. It’s very strange and unprecedented for this many members of Congress to skip an inauguration.

Trump’s comments came as a response to John Lewis after he called Trump an “illegitimate” president on “Meet the Press” and announced that he was going to skip the inauguration.

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For those who don’t know, John Lewis was an activist and leader during the Civil Rights movement during the 60s. He was on the front line of the lunch counter sit-ins in Nashville, Tennessee. He volunteered and risked his life to participate in the Freedom Rides. He led protestors across the bridge in Selma, Alabama, which inspired the 2014 film “Selma.

John Lewis is an American hero, and this isn’t the first time that Trump has essentially shit all over someone who has done more than he ever has or will. If you remember, he did the same thing to a gold star family during the election season.

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This is what Trump tweeted after hearing Rep. Lewis’ comments.

All talk and no action? That’s really rich coming from someone who dodged the draft for the Vietnam War FOUR times.

Many Congress members found Trump’s tweets totally disrespectful (which they were) and have decided to take a stand by boycotting the inauguration to stand with Rep. Lewis.

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These are just a few of the members who tweeted about why they are not going.

That’s a fuck ton of members! Our favorite tweet is that last one though from House Representative Maxine Waters who considers Trump’s inauguration a waste of time. LOL!

Well, we’ll see if any Democratic members actually show up. Should be an (un)eventful inauguration.

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