Dani Thorne is the modern hippie DJ of your dreams

While Dani Thorne is usually first recognized as Bella Thorne’s rainbow haired sister, she is a big deal in her own right. Dani is a music producer and DJ, and she DJs under the pseudonym, COM3T. She also DJs in a duo called Master of The People with her boyfriend, Dylan Jetson (so cute).

Dani has played at venues such as EDC Las Vegas, BeautyCon LA, and Avalon Hollywood nightclub. She has a goal to eventually play at Ultra Miami, and she’s super motivated, so we don’t think she’ll stop there!

Check out our convo with Dani below to see what hair color she’s trying next, why she’s obsessed with meditation, and why she loves what she does.

You and your sister seem so close, do you guys spend a lot of time together? What that ever not the case?

Yes, we’re super close. We call ourselves the twins. We are 4.5 years apart, so at certain times it felt like a bigger age gap, but all my siblings were close. We were homeschooled, so we were our friends [laughs].

What’s your favorite sister activity?

We love DIYing. Anything we see, we’re like, “Oh shit, we gotta make that for the house!”

How did you first realize you wanted to start DJing and making your own music?

I’ve always loved music. I didn’t grow up in a musical family. We didn’t play any instruments or sing, but we grew up on every genre. Once I got past the idea that I couldn’t do it, I was able to. Now, I’m surrounded by so many talented people, believing in the same future for music. I’m constantly inspired and writing/producing with people, including my sister and our boyfriends. I have two identities. COM3T is my solo project, and Master Of The People is what I do with my boyfriend, Dylan Jetson. I’ve been raving since I was 17, and it’s actually the first thing my boyfriend and I connected on on our first date.

So you make music with Bella?

Yes, we have some stuff in the works! We are planning a tour for next year.

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What’s your favorite thing about DJing?

That’s hard, because I love the music. Getting to plan a set and play it live is like no other. But playing for the crowd is the best feeling. Getting to connect and dance and single certain people out to dance with is exhilarating.

What was the best moment you’ve had on stage?

Playing EDC with my boyfriend as Master Of The People was an unexplainable feeling. Playing Avalon was wild though, because the crowd was crazy! At one point, people were going so hard that they were pushing the DJ booth over and we were playing to their bounce.

What is the best mix you’ve done in your opinion, and why?

Ooooooh! My latest Halloween mix was fire! I love themed mixes. You can check it on SoundCloud.com/com3tmusic.

What’s your favorite hair color you’ve had and how did it represent you?

I’ve always loved being a redhead, but having rainbow hair feels like it represents my personality the best.

What hair color can we expect next?

A new spin on rainbow, probably!

How would you describe your style?

Psychedelic, alien hybrid, hippie child.

Look cool or feel comfortable?

I can do both 😉 it’s all about the comfort.

Ideal look for a performance?

An outfit that lights up to the beat of the music. They have the technology, but I’d like to make it into an outfit.

Tell us about your boo!! You guys have been together a long time, and I’ve noticed sometimes he even goes on stage with you and makes music with you.

Four years this month! We’ve done so much in that amount of time. We’ve grown into who we are today because of our experiences together. Thinking back to our first date, we were talking about how much we love raves and the music. Now getting to perform and create music together, it’s a bond like nothing else. I love when we play a song with romantic lyrics and I get to turn over and sing them to him. It’s supes cute.

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You’re a lover of color. Where does that stem from?

I feel like it’s something I was born with, but growing up in Miami and in a creative industry probably influenced that. Everyone loves color, but not everyone fills their life with it. Color can influence your mood, so I love to wear and surround myself with the brightest colors.

You’re on a plant-based diet. Anything you want to say to those reading about why plant-based diets are the way to go?

It’s going to be different for everybody and it’s not an easy road to break down habits that have been instilled in us our entire lives. I always said that I wanted to become vegan before getting pregnant. One day, I was like, “Wait, if I believe that’s the healthiest way to live and for my body to incubate a healthy baby, why wouldn’t I start now?”

So two years ago, I stopped eating meat, and for the past year haven’t touched anything with animal products. I truly believe that any problems we have with body, skin, and mental health has to do with the foods we are eating and the products we are using. It all comes down to not being educated properly. Before the Internet, that was difficult.

So I don’t blame our parents, they didn’t know. But our future is going to look a lot different. Our generation is going to lead us back to our roots. Eating fruits and vegetables. Not processing our bread till there’s no nutrients left. Not filling our water with chemicals. I could go all day with random knowledge that comes to my brain, but it starts with you. Your desire to change. Then it happens. Go look it up and find the reasons that resonate with you.

You also love yoga and meditation — can you explain to us how these practices have personally benefitted you?

Before yoga and meditation, I was in a darker mind set. I thought about why things happened to me. Then one day, for some reason, I stopped and started thanking the universe (or whoever is out there) for all the abundance it brought to my life. Even if I didn’t believe it then. After years of changing my mindset, I found this strong connection to the bigger picture, growing (which we all have). That connection made me want to go deeper, so I started meditating.

Meditating is another habit of breaking down the old and starting new. We don’t need classes or people to teach us, even though at first it feels like we do. It just starts with two minutes of silence, then you can work your way up. I’m at 15 minutes and it is still difficult sometimes, but it’s about consistency. The days I start with meditation I feel happier, more positive, and more energetic. When I don’t for a few days, I start to see my mind becoming overwhelmed.

If you ever feel like you’re angry, sad, or lost, take that time right then to walk away and sit in silence. Once again, it’s not easy, because it’s a retraining of your mind. But it’s one of the best gifts you can give to yourself.

Dream person to create music with?

That’s hard, there’s so many greats. I think Skrillex. I’d love to pick his brain. He’s a genius.

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Dream venue to play?

Ultra Miami! I know my dad is always watching us, but that day would be the day I feel closest to him. That show will be dedicated to him.

Pastel pink or neon green?

BOTH! Together, it’s such a dreamy combo.

Glitter or face jewelry?


High heels or boots?

Boots or sneaks. I don’t wear heels anymore, so when I do, I’m like a new born calf [laughs].

Photos by Danielle DeFoe

Styling by Matthew Hensley

Hair by Johnny Stuntz at Crosby Carter Management using Manic Panic

Makeup by Lilly Keys at Exclusive Artists Management

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