Kiersey Clemons’ secret beauty weapon is only $4

Our latest cover star, Kiersey Clemons, knows a thing or two about natural beauty.

After she got real about her acting career and Hollywood’s social media obsession in our cover interview, we got to talking about beauty. We learned all there is to know — except her signature scent, because it’s a secret.

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I know your shoot was inspired by Betty Davis, what is it that you love most about her?

I love her lyrics. When I was venturing out looking for something, I was driving myself singing pretty reckless and saying things I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to say, that’s what her music is it’s pretty ballsy and I’d love to play her in a movie and I thought why not do it in a shoot? Especially Galore. It went perfectly.

What’s your favorite cheap beauty product?

Pond’s cold cream to wipe off your makeup. Every single day, right after set. I have really sensitive skin. I get eczema. And a co-star was like, “This is the only thing I can use.” And it reminds me of my mom because my mom used it growing up. It’s like $3.99, you can get it no matter what country you’re in… Come on now!

What’s your favorite boujee beauty product?

My facialist has a skincare line called Dale Goddess of Skin. And all of her stuff is pretty boujee but it’s totally worth it. I use all of it, it’s really, really good. It’s natural and she makes it at home. She only makes it under a full moon.

What do you think is worth splurging on?

A good fragrance.

Which one?

I’ll never tell you, come on now. That’s the point of a splurge, that it’s a secret.

What’s the most overrated product you’ve ever tried?

I think sheet masks. I think they’re silly. There are so many things in the kitchen you can put on your face and sheet masks are so expensive… You get like five for $60. Like, come on.

How do you keep your beauty look going all night?

I just use finishing spray from Elf and NYX. I personally think all the finishing sprays are the same, some of them jack up the prices so I just go for whichever one.

But I do know my friend puts like liquid laxative on her skin before she puts makeup on. I did it one time in NYC when it was really hot, and my makeup stayed on all day and it kept me from looking sweaty. You have to try it. It doesn’t change your makeup at all. It’s kind of awesome.

If you had to have one hairstyle for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Just shaved off. A pixie cut. My go-to is I just love to shave my head. There are wigs so I kinda just do my thing, but im growing it out right now because I had short hair for a long time. I wanna put it in a bun and straighten it soon and see what it looks like. I’ll either end up with it shaved off or dreadlocks but it’ll be a while before that.

What’s one makeup look you’re dying to try?

I wanna do like a glossy lid, I’ve done it in photo shoots and stuff but I wanna do it one day in real life.

What’s one makeup look you’re sick of seeing?

The overdone eyebrows. That doesn’t look good to me. I’ve done it before too. We gotta leave that one at the door.

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