Chloe Lukasiak dishes on all things “Dance Moms,” working on yourself, and her big book tour

We all remember Chloe Lukasiak as the sweet, shy girl on “Dance Moms” with the loud, fighting mom, Christi.

We tuned in every week to watch as the infamous dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller, would bring young girls and their mothers to tears on her drama filled reality show that followed the lives of the ALDC dance team members.

Chloe left the show at the end of season 4, for obvious reasons, and let’s just say she has been pretty busy since her “Dance Moms” exit.

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Writing a book, completing a book tour, designing her own clothing line, and starring in a movie – the list goes on. After meeting both Chloe and her mom for even just a minute, it is very clear that they have come a long way from what we saw on “Dance Moms” years ago.

Chloe has gone from a very timid and introverted little girl, to a confident, young woman who is chasing her goals and creating a career for herself. Christi has gone from crazy dance mom, to, as she says, “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Yes, she did just quote “Mean Girls.” Keep scrolling to read the full interview and get all the details on what Chloe has been up to!

When “Dance Moms” first started, was it you or your mom that really wanted to join the cast?

I thought it would be a fun and cool experience, but I don’t think either of us were dying to be on the show. We had no idea it would turn into what it did.

When your mom would get in fights with Abby and the other moms, what would be going through your head?

A little bit of everything. I was thankful and appreciative I had an amazing mom that was sticking up for me. However, I also knew that Abby was going to take it out on me in rehearsal later on.

The crew often tried to keep us away from the fights. Anytime the parents or Abby would start yelling about something, we would try to stay focused on our dances, on rehearsing, or we would go to school.

If you could go back and give yourself any advice at the start of “Dance Moms,” what would it be?

To believe in myself. My mom was pretty much the only one that did and if you don’t believe in yourself, then who will (besides your mom, lol)? I lost a lot of confidence on the show. Quite honestly, I still doubt myself sometimes.

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What really went down between you and your co-star Maddie?

Our friendship has been through a lot. But at the end of the day, she is my best friend and always has my back. I wouldn’t choose anyone else to go through my “Dance Moms” experience with, except maybe my sister.

You’ve said you wanted to return to “Dance Moms” to get proper closure. Do you feel like you have that now?

I do. I was able to finish off “Dance Moms” on my terms, and not because I let a bully chase me away. I was able to make some wonderful memories of the show that I didn’t have before. I feel like I properly shut the doors to my past and I am now ready to move on.

What did you take away from “Dance Moms,” and how do you think it has influenced who you are today?

I took a lot away from “Dance Moms.” For one, it made me stronger. I also learned how to be professional when working. I feel that I grew up quickly because I was constantly surrounded by adults (parents and the crew). Even though some say that I missed out on being a kid, I am grateful I experienced what I did at such a young age.

You feature your little sister, Clara, on your YouTube channel often. What kind of advice do you give her on growing up in the public eye?

She doesn’t need my advice. She is wise beyond her years.

Tell us about “The Irreplaceables,” tour you just completed. How was getting to choose your own songs and dances? Did each of the girls plan their own dance or was it all a collective effort?

It was refreshing to be in control of what songs we danced to and what styles we danced. Most of the dances were a collective effort but the girls and I were able to have the final say.

How did the workshops go?

The workshops were amazing! I love teaching and I enjoyed getting to do it pretty much every day.

What is your favorite piece of advice from your new book “Girl on Pointe: Chloe’s Guide to Taking on the World”?

Don’t quit. Don’t ever give up on your dreams, yourself, or what you want.

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What was the most exciting thing to happen on the book tour you just completed? Favorite city on the tour?

Obviously I loved LA, but I also had fun in Chicago. I love the city and everyone at the event was so sweet! The most exciting thing was definitely hearing what people liked about my book.

Some of them hadn’t read it yet but the others that had quite literally read it the day it came out had some wonderful things to say and it was very heartwarming.

You have done some acting lately with several different roles, can you tell us which one has been your favorite so far and why?

I really loved working on “Center Stage: On Pointe,” but my favorite character that I portrayed is Savannah from “A Cowgirl’s Story.” She had so many layers and I feel like I really grew as a person and as an actress while working on that set.

What is it about acting that makes you love it so much?

I love how you get to experience so many different characters, lives, and stories. Every audition and every role, I feel like I learn something new about myself.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Ryan Gosling!

Since your split with Ricky Garcia due to busy schedules, has anything changed recently in your dating life? Any new romances on the horizon?

Nope! I’m working on myself, my career, and my goals.

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What are your must have beauty products at the moment?

Face masks (I use so many different kinds) and hair oils. I’ve been trying really hard to take better care of my skin and hair.

You can only pick one, contour or highlight?


Favorite designer?

Adam Selman or Missoni!

Favorite red carpet look so far?

I wore a pink Moschino suit to the 2016 Teen Choice Awards, and that’s definitely my favorite. Jeremy Scott is a genius and everything about that look made me feel incredible.

Netflix guilty pleasure?

“Grey’s Anatomy,” “The 100,” or “Friends.”

What is your lock screen photo on your phone?

It’s an illustration of a girl with red lipstick on.

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