Cydney Christine gives us her top 10 beauty tips for Spring

Hey, gorgeous! 

My name is Cydney Christine, and I’m here writing for Galore to give you my best beauty tips for this Spring.

Spring makeup and beauty have to be my favorite! The look I always go for during Spring would be a natural glam with a little pop of color.

These makeup tips will change your makeup routine from an hour to ten minutes!  Aka, game changing. For most of these steps, I recommend using your fingers. It will be much easier this way!

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Remember to wash your face before adding any makeup. Also, using a moisturizer and a primer are both ways to reduce your chances of breakouts and help prevent clogged pores.


Use minimal foundation and concealer to prepare for summer time – let your skin breath! I normally add concealer in necessary areas with my fingers (usually under my eyes, around my nose, and forehead). I go over this using minimal setting powder.


Setting spray is still a necessity for your routine, even though it’s more natural. It helps keep the products held together and evenly distributed on your face.


Instead of harsh concealing, I recommend a glittery bronzer instead. It still gives the same effect but a little more natural/glowing look – aka exactly what you want to achieve during Spring.

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I think natural looking lash strips or no lashes with added mascara is a great look. It will show off your beautiful eyes and you’ll look more original!


I like a thin, winged liner (more often than not lol) to make my eyes look more defined, especially at night.


Adding a light shade of eyeshadow to give you a pop of color is definitely the signature to the ultimate Spring look. Some of my favorite colors to choose from are gold, peach, or pink.


I always make sure my eyebrows are done so I never have to do too much to fix them. I lightly fill my eyebrows with powder products instead of cream so they can look natural and I don’t use concealer. Feel free to use a little concealer if you need to fix them.


My favorite part of my routine is a highlight! I use a liquid highlighter, because it looks better for a natural look. Sometimes, if I want extra glow, I use a powder-like highlighter and lightly go over the liquid applied with my fingers.

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Last but not least, lipgloss! Before adding lipgloss, sometimes I add a natural color lip liner to make my lips a little more noticeable. But just a light lipgloss that smells good is perfect to complete this natural, Spring beauty vibe.

Photography by Crystina Bond

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