MILK Makeup’s debut mascara contains CBD, and it basically gives you the look of falsies

The hype around MILK Makeup’s very first mascara release has been huge – because, duh.

MILK is a cult-favorite beauty brand for a reason (the reason being that all of their products are amazing), so when they announced they would be releasing a CBD-enriched mascara to add to their collection, I knew I had to get my hands on the product.

Let me preface this by saying I truly am a huge MILK Makeup fan. When I was younger, I used to clot my face with thick, over-priced makeup that made me look like a banshee (I had terrible acne and was overcompensating). When I realized the damage all of this junk was doing to my skin, I kind of stopped using makeup overall – unless I went out.

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Heavy makeup is a nightmare for your skin and also a nightmare to take off at night. When beauty brands like MILK Makeup started coming about, I felt like there was hope for the future of makeup. MILK has for sure given me a new love for makeup, because of how light all of their products are.

I never feel like I’m clogging my pores with MILK’s products – in fact, it usually hardly feels like I’m wearing any makeup at all. And after all, I want to enhance my features, not cover them up! MILK helped me really love my skin and treat it well, and now I want to show off my face rather than hide it.

So again, of course, when they released their mascara, I knew I wanted to test it out. Especially since I am all about CBD being used in skincare – I was way too excited about this product.

I’ve honestly never found mascara that I like. It’s sad, I know. Most gals have a “choice mascara,” but not this gal! I’ve never stuck with one brand, and I have always been determined to find a wand to stan.

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At first glance, MILK’s Kush Mascara is super sleek and cute, but super big. That’s a heafty tube, people. The tree-shaped brush is thick, and the bristles are very close together – this is something I look for in a wand, mainly because I like to separate my lashes and get that big volume effect.

I fell in love with the Kush Mascara the first time I tried it. Yes, I’m a sucker for MILK, but I am a tough mascara critic. The CBD oil is meant to be conditioning and is included “for thickness without the fallout,” according to MILK. This is the first thing I noticed. The CBD oil made this formula super thin, but gave me the thickest lashes I’ve ever achieved with just mascara. My lashes also felt hydrated and I wore this stuff all night with no crustiness or fallout.

This mascara is also meant to curl and lengthen, which I definitely noticed. My lashes seriously resembled falsies. Imagine saving your falsies money to spend other things? This mascara is only $24, so it’s much cheaper than a few pairs of falsies that won’t last.

The most important thing about this mascara is that it didn’t clump when I added more layers. I like to do about 3-4 layers when using mascara, and the Kush Mascara went on super smooth.

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Now, if you have an issue with CBD, you’re basically missing out. “Ever since the inception of Milk Makeup, we wanted to create a product that provides the amazing properties of cannabis. When we started talking about coming out with vegan mascara, we knew we couldn’t use beeswax, a common binding component in mascara formulas. That’s where cannabis oil comes in…Kush Mascara is the vegan way to get major volume and healthier-looking lashes in one hit,” says MILK on their reasoning behind a CBD-infused mascara.

The other plusses? This product is vegan, talc-free, and cruelty-free. And yes, it’s available at Sephora, too!

And no, this mascara won’t get you high – but, it will give you insane volume.

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