The new Urban Decay Beached collection is more versatile than you’d think

Here at Galore, we are, obviously, big fans of Urban Decay (who isn’t?). So, when they released their newest Beached collection, I knew I wanted to try it out. 

With most beach-inspired makeup, I don’t always find them to be the most versatile. Usually they include bronzers that are too much, lips that are overly glossy, and palettes that are honestly, very plain.

I grew up in San Diego on the beach, and I know what kind of look is meant to be achieved with beach-inspired makeup. The look is meant to be easy, lightly bronzed, and dewey. You’re supposed to look like you just hopped out of the water after a long, effortless day of surfing, and now you’re headed to have avocado toast with your skater boyfriend who has washboard abs.

Many collections simply drop the ball.

Upon receiving the Urban Decay Beached collection, I was immediately impressed. The tones of the palette made me feel like I was back in SD with my toes in the sand. They are warm, comforting hues of gold, nudes, and browns, mixed with vibrant blues and some gorgeous pinkish colors.

The palette alone is extremely versatile – you can do a natural, I-woke-up-like-this glam, or a dramatic, moonlight-on-the-beach glam. The palette only has 8 colors, but it’s so diverse in it’s colors that you can pull off pretty much any beachy vibe you wish.

The collection also includes 2 eye pencils, 3 lip colors, and 2 bronzers. I am easily swayed by an amazing palette, but I am a big critic of eye pencils, lips, and bronzers – mainly because there are so many ways the product can be terrible.

For the eye pencils, I was surprised at how silky they were! The pencils slide right onto my eyelid with (actually) no effort at all. They didn’t clump, they were soft, and they lasted me a long ass night of running around NYC. Aka, I was a sweaty mess, and this eyeliner passed the test.

The pencils also didn’t run, which is a huge plus in my book. Most pencils that are softer tend to smudge and screw up the whole look by the end of the night. These pencils didn’t, and therefore are the best of both worlds.

Lips. Man, am I critical of lips. This is probably because most really good lips are hard to come by. I like a lip that doesn’t dry you out, that is smooth, and again, that lasts me all night. The collection includes a nude, sort of sheer lip, a bronze, metallic, sheer lip, and a bright, coral color.

The nude lip, Tower 1, is very sheer, which I personally am not a total fan of. But, on the lips, it’s really gorgeous for a simple, clean look – aka, that surfer babe vibe I was talking about. This lip will make your look polished and put together in a really effortless way.

The metallic lip, Heatwave, makes me want to pose in a bikini by the ocean for a quick Insta thot pic. I can definitely fux with this lip. It’s not thick, it’s hydrating, and it lasted me through a pasta dinner (the biggest test of them all).

The coral lip, 100 Degrees, is def a vibe, even though I’m not a coral lip kind of gal. Again, this lip lasts for a hot minute, and all three of them are super hydrating and go on smoothly.

The bronzer comes in a light and dark shade, making this entire collection accessible to most skin tones. In my opinion, they could have maybe included one more shade that was a bit darker to be a bit more inclusive. But still, these bronzers are really nicely made. They are perfect for that extra glow for those summer days (when, if you’re pasty af like me, you’re finally tan enough to wear a bronzer, lol).

Check out the Beached collection at Urban Decay, Sephora, Ulta, and more, and see for yourself if this will turn you into the beach goddess that you are this summer.

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