Chinese Kitty gives us the scoop on her latest single “Boy aint mine”, new music + more!

Photographed by William Camp, Styled by Ernis Blanco

Viral moments may have helped us know the Chinese-Guyanese influencer, Chinese Kitty, known better but it’s her grind and rap skills that are taking this New York-raised girl to new heights. Her latest single, “Boy aint mine”, closely samples 90’s love ballet “The boy is mine” by Brandy and Monica, 25 years later and that narrative is stronger than ever – but with a twist. Prior to her many freestyles and fire collaborations with other artists, we saw Kitty on our TV screens appearing in “Love and Hip-Hop Miami” a show that can either push you or hold you back. Kitty has said in interviews that the show wasn’t fit for her and that the show didn’t fit into narratives that both weren’t for her or her career. From opening for the likes of Future to having an acting gig in DJ Drama’s reenactment of “Juice” for his album, Kitty has been hustling non-stop. 2023 is Kitty’s year and we’re so excited to sit and discuss NY’s finest new act.


Hi Kitty! It’s so exciting to finally meet you in person, we worked together years back through your stylist Ernis. Before leaving Washington D.C. to come here to NY we heard your single on the radio, how does it feel getting support from radio stations and DJs that play your music?

You know honestly, all I can say is I feel blessed. Timing is everything and seeing my work come to light and my record getting the love it deserves is one of many blessings. 

What was your inspiration behind “Boy aint mine”? We love the sampling and production of it.

One I’ve always been a huge fan of Brandy and Monica. I don’t know how to sing but r&b is my thing. That song is classic hands down. In all seriousness, I was having some relationship problems and I felt the need to express myself on that record and I did and now we’re here. 

Who can forget your verse on Hitmaka’s “Thot box” in 2019, the song featured Dreamdoll, Latto, Young MA, Dreezy, and yourself. This mix of gritty and hard verses made this song the anthem that it is. How was the writing process for you on that song with 4 other amazing artists?

 You know it’s so funny because people always tell me you need to get back in your bag! Like you were on “Thotbox” and all I can think about is I remember when the opportunity came to me I was already in the studio I was hungry I didn’t hear anyone verse or who was on it. I just knew I needed this moment and I had to go triple hard to make it count! So I sat there and thought about all the hard juicy lines I could think of and made magic.  

Kitty styled by Ernis Blaco, Make-up and Hair by William Camp.

Growing up, what were some of your earliest musical memories? What attracted you to wanting to be an artist?

My parents were in the music industry when I was young but I’ll never forget at 15 my mom took me to the Jay-Z and Kanye “Watch The Throne” album listening party. She was in the industry when I was a kid. I just felt in my heart that this life was set for me no matter what. I grew up with nothing but hip-hop. I fell in love with it when I was young! 

What’s your beauty routine like?

It’s funny I always used to struggle with acne so with all the face products I make sure to have a clean face as much as possible. Every day and night I must wash my face even when I’m drunk and want to go to bed. I have to wash my face. I don’t want to wake up and have a greasy pimple on my forehead before a show! I try to keep up with my beauty as much as possible! 

Photographed by William Camp.

NY is filled with so much style, what are some of your favorite fashion trends right now?

I am definitely into the whole baggy jeans, crop top, and fly sneakers. I would say that’s my whole vibe. Designer that’s taking over that I like a lot is Jacquemus. I’m obsessed with his clothes. Jean Paul Gautier has some dope new pieces. I just like to get fun with it. 

Heels or sneakers?

Depends!! I love my heels but the sneakers sometimes just make the outfit so fun! 

Tiktok or Instagram?

I’m still new to TikTok. I’d say Instagram.

How has your writing process evolved over the last few years now that you’ve released various projects and have produced your own work?

I feel like I’m so open to talking about anything that comes to mind now. Before I felt so designated to one topic. Now I feel, I know, and I can rap about anything whether it’s a hit or not. I don’t feel stuck anymore and I’m happy with that. My bars are relatable. I can make someone feel me on the way to the club or on the way to breaking up with a toxic guy! Haha 

How is your creativity disrupting culture and pushing boundaries?

I’m not the typical gritty rapper girl everyone mostly expects these days. I’m me. I’m hot, I’m fun, but I also will rap my ass off. It’s no boundaries with me at all. I’m a room with no roof! I’m not stopping until I have it all; damn near.

Photographed by William Camp, Styled by Ernis Blanco

How do you stay well-balanced in this high-paced industry where you’re constantly moving/traveling?

I would say I make sure I take my time out to be number one the family girl. In this life, you don’t have anything but when it comes to “blood is thicker than water” and with me being a mom he keeps me grounded I could never stray too far. Me being a daughter to people who grew up in this industry I could never lose myself. I get a little wild or over my head. Insecure about certain things but I know God got me. 

Who are some of your favorite female rappers?

It’s so many off the rip I grew up on Nicki and Kim! I gotta throw Doja Cat in there. She gets me every time. 

Any dream collaborations?

I one day want a record with Nicki ofc. I think every rap girl wants that. But let’s take it up a notch Nicki and Kim! I have high hopes.

2023 will be the year of….. 

2023 is the year I blow. The year I put everything in me to make it where I need to be. The year people see Kitty. The artist and everything else will come later. 


Photographer: William Camp (@billthephotographer)

Creative Director: Ernis Blanco (@Ernis.Blanco)

Hair/Make-up: William Camp (@_Buddhadoll)

Interview & Production: Perrin Johnson (@editsbyperry)

Post-Production: Perrin Johnson (@editsbyperry)

Talent/Manager: Maria Gialouris at VENUS Management and Marketing

Management: Reterik/KITTYGANGMUSIC

Studio: Take Space NYC (@take__space)

Assistant to Chinese Kitty: Shanice Allonce @Neeceeomo

Wardrobe: Outfit 1 @tangrenworldwide jewelry @alexisbittar outfit 2 @danielsleather @alexisbittar


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