11 Chill Places To Go On A Tinder Date In Philadelphia

With dating apps like Bumble urging women to take the lead, it’s opened up a whole new world of dating. Why stop at sending the first message when you could pick the first date spot?

If you hate making decisions like I do, this task may seem daunting. But wouldn’t you rather spend a little time picking a place rather than going to a dive bar or an art museum where every other piece is a naked chick?

Plus, depending on the place you pick, you might even be able to tell how serious the dude is about you depending on his response. Here are some of our fave spots for chill dates in Philly to ensure that you never end up on a shitty first date again. Or at least, not because of the place the dude took you.

1. Spruce Street Harbor Park


You don’t have to go to the Jersey Shore to feel like you’re taking a “romantic” walk on the boardwalk. You can go to Spruce Street for the boardwalk feel, but with better beer and no chance of sand getting in places where you absolutely do not want that shit.

2. City Tap House


City Tap House is a good choice for dinner or grabbing a drink, and they’ve got a nice outdoor area if it’s warm out. It’s casual but not divey, and quiet but not awkward. The perfect average place to take your perfectly average date.

3. Sweet Green


Sure, Sweet Green is a chain, but they’re clean, quite but not too quiet, and quick. Plus, it was founded by Georgetown students, and you can trust them to be smart about places where you can casually meet Mr. Right Now.

4. Mercato

Boomerang Dining

If you’re looking to see your Tinder date out of his profile pictures and into a slightly bougier scene, try this place. Mercato is bright enough that you won’t get fooled by a catfish, but will also get a nice bistro-type dinner, hopefully courtesy of your date if they’re not a broke bitch.

5. Yakitori Boy


Test your date by seeing how down he is to try chicken heart and sea urchin with Yakitori Boy’s unique appetizers. Or, test him in another way by asking him to serenade you upstairs in their karaoke lounge.

6. Infusion Lounge


As long as you and your date are both down for hookah, Infusion is a cool spot thats low-key and cozy (in an upscale way). Plus, it’s quiet in the early evenings. They also have killer cocktails and if your date is feeling bougie he can drop a cool $50 on their 24k gold drink.

7. Lucky Strike


Bowling is either really lame or so hipster and #TBT that it’s kind of cool. Plus you can get drinks here, so it’s not like you’ll have so soberly face a rando date and hurl an eight-pound ball down a hallway.

8. Capogiro

pigout spots

This gelato spot was named best gelato in the world by National Geographic, and if that’s not enough, then I don’t know what is. There’s also the fact that eating ice cream is kinda sexy, casual, and cheap. If you go to the one in University City, there’s a bar upstairs for dessert.

9. Yard’s Brewery


If you have a feeling that your date is going to be a winner, you can suggest a brewery tour at Yard’s. You’ll get drunk, learn a little bit about beer, and probably want to make out with them on the way home after all that booze.

10. Independence Beer Garden


Another good choice if you’re dating in the spring or summer, IBG is very low key and casual, but can also get romantic once you’ve had five beers and it starts to get dark out.

11. Schuykill River Dog Park Doobies


If you happen to match with a dude with a dog and you love pups, a dog park could be a sweet (and cheap) date. Plus, if the date goes well you can take him over to Doobies, a bar in Graduate Hospital that lets dogs in.

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