Jose Peña Has to Be the Hottest Chef-in-Training Ever

Chef in training, fitness guru, model by day, life of the party by night — Jose Peña seems too good to be true. We searched for a deal breaker, but couldn’t find one. (Except that it might be tough to find shoes in his size…)

Read on for recipes, kink, and DM’s revealed.

What did you eat for breakfast?

Culinary school for me has made my mornings even more fun. Every morning I make a three-to-four egg omelette loaded with broccoli, cheddar, ham, and peppers, with a side of a protein shake to get the day started. 

How big are your feet?

I wear a size 12 

Boxers or briefs?

Most definitely boxer briefs, which are a cross of both. Not as tight as briefs and not as loose as boxers.

Can you read us one of your best Twitter or Instagram DM’s?

Yeah, DM’s have been a bit crazy, but one guy asked me to DM him a photo of my sweaty feet, and in return he’d pay me $200. Dd I do it? Hell no, my feet are for my socks only. I think feet are my least favorite body part. 

Instagram girl crush?

It’ll have to be a tie between @jenselter or @sophiamiacova, both huge fitness models 🙂 , I’d love a good motivational partner.

Vanilla or Kinky?

I’d say Oreo cookies and cream: I like to play it safe but also add sprinkles of kinky here and there. I’ll leave the extreme kinky stuff to her and I’ll roll with it.

Why are girls magical?

Think about everything a guy does when he wakes up in the morning — whether he’s single, married or divorced, he does what he does to impress a woman. Without women we’d serve as much purpose as a man’s nipples.

What is a common misconception about male models?

The biggest misconception about male models is that they’re clueless, naïve individuals with no other aspirations or goals for themselves besides just looking good and working out. I’ve come across some really driven and successful male models in the humanitarian field, education fields, and yes the culinary fields…. 😉 These are just a few examples of what we strive to become.

What is the best part about being a chef? 

I am a chef in training so essentially a cook, but the best part about being able to work in the kitchen is the exposure to new seasonal ingredients and techniques, and the chefs we get to work with. Techniques change with new technology and the combination of all of the above is the secret to a great dish.

What’s the most important thing in life to you?
The most important thing in my life right now is making my mother proud of me, she’s the reason I do anything and everything.

Something no one would ever guess about you is….

I am a huge aquatic nerd. About three years ago I got into owning fish and an aquarium at home, I now own a 60-gallon fresh water tank with a bunch of cool fish, my favorite would have to be my red Severus, a giant red fish. For me, the term plenty fish in the sea applies literally… 🙂

What is your biggest fear? 

My biggest fear is to be a failure in my mother’s eyes.  I want to show her raising children as a single parent wasn’t a lost cause.

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