How Charm La’Donna became the only dancer on Kendrick’s tour

Charm La’Donna’s life seems like it’s straight out of a movie. A girl comes from Compton, has big dreams that follow her throughout her life, works day and night to achieve them, and eventually starts working her way to the top. But this time, it isn’t some movie script that’s portraying a young girl’s life — it’s the real deal.

Charm is the only dancer on Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. tour, and if that isn’t badass enough, she also choreographs and creative directs on the side. Through staying humble and silently grinding, Charm has made her way out of Compton and onto one of the world’s currently biggest hip hop stages.

What do you consider to be your “rags to riches” story?

I’m not there at the “riches” monetary wise. I’m a girl from Compton who used to dance to get to where I am today. Now I’m going on tour, working with a bunch of artists, continuing to grow. I’m not at riches yet because I still got a lot of developing to go, but I’m definitely on my way there.

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Do you even consider yourself to be at your “riches” yet? What is your ultimate goal to be at in your career?

My riches would be being able to travel, do my craft, and entertain. I wanna do a lot for young girls and be able to be in a place where they look up to me as a dancer and choreographer. Like my mom really supported me 100% by pushing me to dance and to be the best me. She was that mentor for me like how I wanna be a mentor for other girls. As a young girl, I knew I wanted to entertain, dance, perform, whatever asset that was. I used to work for free, but I dance with Kendrick. I choreograph and creative direct.

How have you stayed humble to your roots yet still managed to boss up and get exactly what you want?

I know where I come from, and I know what it is to struggle, grind, and want something and can’t get it. My mom being a strong woman is what keeps me strong and humble. There is always someone greater than me, and I am not better than anyone else. I just work and push forward. I have really grounded friends. All my friends are in the arts, and most of us come from the same background, so we all push each other.

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What do you tell yourself to remind yourself of your goal?

I say, “Keep going, Charm.” I motivate myself. I’m my own person, my own live person. We all have those days where we feel defeated- especially in my career, there are plenty of days. Keep going. My journey is different from someone else’s. We tend to compare. Every opportunity I’m grateful for. I’m lowkey quiet, really under the radar, but purposefully that way.

How did you get to be the only dancer for Kendrick’s tour?

Through a girl named Fatima Robinson. We used to help each other with projects and one day she said, “Hey. You wanna dance for Kendrick?” So I did. And I will support Kendrick no matter what. We’re from the same neighborhood, and he’s one of the sweetest people.

How do you feel at this point in your life?

I’m finally to a point where I am just grateful. Growing up and pushing myself, I always wanted more. I was never enough. What’s next to accomplish? We forget what is in the moment. I am enjoying what it is to dance as a solo artist and be on stage on one of the biggest tours of the summer. Right now, I’m good. I have more goals, but I’m learning to still have those goals and live at the same time.

Photographer: Emilynn Rose (@EmilynnRose)
Stylist: Bryon Javar (@BryonJavar)
MUA: Carmen Dianne (@CarmenDianne)
Hairstylist: Twy B (@T2Dawy)

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