Celebs are decorating their crotches with statement flies this week

Celebrities wear a lot of clothes over the course of a week, most of which are designed to make headlines and fashion trends happen.

And this week the hottest celebrity fashion trend is statement flies.

You know, like on your crotchal area.

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Over the weekend, Kendall was spotted in a pair of crooked fly jeans that various people pretended was radically “unconventional.”

And yesterday Bella Hadid wore these contrast fly jeans.


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Personally, I say why draw more attention to your crotch than you need to, but I guess I’m just not crotch-positive enough.

But if you’re not ready to roll yourself into the senior citizens’ home, here are some statement flies you might be interested in adopting as your very own fashion statement.


Yes, do not adjust your screens, these are the same pants Kendall was spotted wearing. Well, not the *same* pair but you know what we mean. The only downside is you’d probably have to chose between paying your rent and buying them.

Buy it here.


OK even I have to admit these shorts are super cute. And very sensualidad. In another lifetime, Beyonce might have worn them in the “Blow” music video as she instructed the masses on how she couldn’t wait til he got home so he could turn her cherry out. TMI but also get it, girl.

Buy it here.

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