Why celebrities’ hair extensions look so much better than everyone else’s

We all know that our favorite celebs switch their hair up from a blunt cut bob to hair down their backs within days, and of course the answer is hair extensions.

But did you know that there is a difference from the extension technique and style preference of the rich and the not-so-rich?

We sat down with celebrity stylist Michelle Cleveland who has worked with celebs like Christina Milian, Angie Martinez and Renee Graziano from Mob Wives to talk about the type of extensions celebrities are rocking these days and how you can achieve the same look.

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What’s the difference between celeb extensions and regular extensions us commoners wear?

Extensions can be expensive, and come in several different methods of attachment: clip-ins, sew-ins, or individuals to name a few. Some methods offer the client a greater result but don’t have the life expectancy or long term wear as others. Celebs aren’t looking to wear the same look for long so we can provide an over the top result without worrying about the life expectancy of the extension hair, whereas an average working girl is looking to keep her look and hair the same for as long as possible to avoid excessive costs.

How can people get their extensions looking celeb-like?

The end result is always about the artist you choose! Nowadays extensions are sold everywhere: online, even in the mall, etc. Anyone can wear extensions but to truly look like a celebrity the magic is in the artist’s hands. Clean application and sectioning along with a professional haircut are key to making the hair look natural and real. Extensions are not cut in a traditional method. It takes a skilled artist to understand weight disbursement and movement.

What are secrets people may not know about hair extensions?

I think the biggest secret in the world of hair extensions is that it’s not always about length. A lot of times we use extensions to create volume or change the color. We use them a lot to take someone up to a high level of blonde that they couldn’t achieve on their own without breaking their hair.

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What are some tips on getting our extensions to resemble your clients’ extensions?

Extensions on celebrities usually look better because they are not afraid to go BIG. We usually add a lot more hair to a celebrity for a photo shoot or special event then we would for the average client. Celebs aren’t afraid to look extra! It’s kind of necessary in today’s world of pop culture TV and social media, where the average working girl doesn’t want anyone to know the extensions aren’t her real hair.

 What trends are you noticing and what are your clients are asking for these days?

The trends right now are definitely lots and lots of length! In some cases, we are seeing celebs like Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé and the Kardashian girls rocking up to 36 inches of hair! What we see on the red carpet will always end up on Main Street America!

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