Why Rihanna’s stylist uses a straightener to curl her hair

Rihanna rocked some seriously bodacious curls at the Grammys earlier this month, and we had to find how how she got them.

The answer might surprise you: her stylist used a straightening iron.

Yusef Williams is the genius behind Rihanna’s hair — she even uses him for her Fenty x Puma fashion shows.

His inspo for the “Wild Thoughts” Grammy performance was super 70s.

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“To match the vibe of the performance, we wanted to give Rihanna super big, dreamy disco diva hair,” he said.

He told us all about why he used the ghd gold professional styler  on Ri’s mane.

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“All you need is this one tool to straighten and curl,” he said. “Start at the root to smooth out the hair and any flyaways and then begin the curling technique (about 2 inches away from the root) to create a smooth, frizz-free curl.”

The styler also has new technology that evenly distributes the heat, “which let me style the hair without eliminating any of its natural volume,” he said.”

Ghd tools maintain one temperature — 365 degrees — because this is the optimal temperature for heat styling, ghd says. It’s not too hot to burn the cuticle and cause damage, but it’s hot enough to give you that shape you want and make it last.

Here are the full instructions for copying Ri, which is never a bad idea:

“To start, I prepped Rihanna’s hair with mousse and then blew it out using the ghd air hairdryer ($199) to create extra volume in the root. Once dried, I used the new ghd gold professional styler ($199) to smooth out the root and get rid of flyaways. Then, using the ghd CURVE classic wave wand ($199), I curled sections of the hair to create fluffy, gorgeous curls. Once all the hair was curled, I used the NEW ghd gold professional styler ($199) to soften any tight curls and create bouncy waves. I then softly brushed out the curls for added volume using ghd oval dressing brush ($40). Lastly, I spritzed a finishing spray to hold the style and added in an orchid to complete the look for the ‘Wild Thoughts’ performance.”

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