Cassy London’s New Single ‘Stand Back’ Might Be The Dance Hit Of Summer

Cassy London is the newest girl on the block of pop music, or “Dream Pop,” as she likes to call it.

But being the new girl doesn’t scare her – not even getting surprise kissed by a group of male fans does! She’s ready to take the music world over, starting with one really great cover. Get ready to dance, swim, roller skate and celebrate good vibes with her newest single, a radical cover of Stevie Nicks’ “Stand Back” – cowritten by the late great purple one, Prince.

Cassy says, “ I think the story behind this song is what makes it so special. Two of my favorite icons collaborating and creating a smash hit. I think it represents female empowerment in the way of women having equal power in a relationship and that at any moment, she has the ability to walk away. My song ‘Carousel’ illustrates that same message at the end of the video.”

“Stand Back” is currently available as a Soundcloud exclusive, at least until her new EP drops in September! You can check out the video for “Carousel” and read our Q&A with her below.

Galore: First of all, how did you realize you could make music?

Cassy: Before I could even speak, my parents said I was a music freak. I would get so happy when they played the music loud and by the time I turned 5, I was already signed up in a children’s choir performing at local fairs and amusement parks. Music is the one thing I knew I would do for the rest of my life, it picked me.  

Do you think it’s easier to be an artist in the day and age of digital music and streaming? Or do you think it’s harder to connect with people in terms of getting the music out there?

I love that we can connect and share our music worldwide on different platforms. Everyone has equal access to find their fans. But with how fast the digital world runs, keeping up can sometimes really be a pain in the ass.  

Who are some of your influences? If you were to tell someone about your music that hasn’t heard it – how would you want it described?

Growing up as an only child, I was exposed to my parents’ diverse taste in music that pretty much spanned from Beethoven to Led Zeppelin to Michael Jackson to Celine Dion. My personal favorites were more in the realm of Pink, Amy Lee of Evanescence, Nirvana, and Fleetwood Mac. I would describe my sound as Pink meets “Dream Pop.”

If you could play an acoustic show like MTV Unplugged, what songs would you cover?

Ahh… I loved MTV Unplugged! Pink’s “Just Like Fire” and Tove Lo’s “Not On Drugs.”

Do you believe that every song is about something? Or do you think songwriters just write what sounds cool?

I can’t even begin to write a song until there’s a solid concept. I think a song becomes cool once people can really feel the raw emotion coming through and connect with it in their own way.

Do you feel there is pressure for female musicians to wear less and portray a very sexy image?

Artists express themselves in different ways and it’s sometimes hard to tell whether something was done because the artist wanted to do it or they felt pressured to. For me, it’s all about being true to who you are, that’s when people will know you’re doing something, because it’s you! And as a fan, you want to know you’re connecting with someone who inspires you to be confident and to be proud of your individuality. Whether the image is sexy or not, all that matters is if it portrays a true art form.

Tell us more about “Stand Back.”

It’s funny, Stevie Nicks said at the time she wrote it there was a lot going on in her life… so there’s actually multiple meanings behind it. As the listener, it’s basically open for any interpretation. For me, it represents a sort of cat and mouse game. Like when you want something and then you get it, you don’t want it anymore. I chose this song cause I’m a huge fan of Stevie’s, so it was really a tribute to her, but also because it’s such a powerful record and not to mention super fun to dance and rock out to!

What’s next for you?

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about releasing the EP! I have two songs out right now, but I feel like everything will fit better and will make more sense when it’s all together as one. It’s like I wrote two chapters of a book and left the rest out! As far as a theme, my motto in life is “expect the unexpected,” so you’ll have to wait and see!

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