Carly Waddell Debuts With New Single ‘Your Friends Like Me More’

Very surely you met Carly Waddell in season 19 of “The Bachelor”, as well as in “Bachelor in Paradise” seasons 2 and 3.

If your answer is yes, you already know that in addition to marrying and having two children with fellow Bachelor Nation star Evan Bass, Carly always showed off her singing skills and talked about her career as a cruise ship singer.

Finally, she has decided to launch her musical project. This first single from Carly Waddell has a catchy beat and clever lyrics that make it ideal for dancing and singing along.

Watch the video HERE

In a recent interview, she said she has been a singer her whole life. ‘When I wasn’t in a show, I was waiting tables until my next show. So, I didn’t really know who I was besides that. And then I became a wife and then I became a mom and I kind of lost that part of me”. (…) “Before I got divorced, when I knew I didn’t want to have any more children, I was like, ‘I want to get back to me.’

“Your Friends Like Me More” has sassy lyrics: “I don’t care who you’re dating now / Your friends tell me she’s a big step down / I ain’t keeping score, but you should know your friends like me more”, Carly sings as assuring she’s not throwing shades at her ex-husband.

The first verse of the song introduces the main premise of the song: Waddell feels like she’s someone’s favorite, and these people seem to prefer her over his close friends. As the song progresses, she explains why she thinks she’s the favorite and why that person’s friends see him that way.

In the video you can see a happy Carly, surrounded by people, having fun with everyday activities, turning her back on calls from a toxic couple and even laughing when one of her friends throws her phone into the water.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Carly Waddell’s love for music started when she was just two years old. As far back as she can remember, she has been performing and captivating audiences from family in her childhood living room, singing around the world, and progressing to fulfillment of her lifelong dream of recording her own original music and sharing it with her fanbase.

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