Calling all Horror Film Fanatics….Prepare for Slashr!

Brace yourself this spooky season for Amir Moini’s Film SLASHR! The Short film is centered in a remote mountain cabin, a young man named Ashkan is stalked by a ruthless killer, known for deceiving his victims into sharing their locations on a dating app. You can view the trailer HERE

The film’s director, Amir, describes the process as..”The making of SLASHR comes with the goal of paying tribute to classic slasher films such as When a Stranger Calls, Scream, and Halloween, while incorporating contemporary themes like dating apps, isolation, technology, and the current attack on the LGBTQ community in the United States. Although the main character, Ashkan, is physically alone, he’s constantly inundated with messages, texts, voice notes, and calls. This tension shows the modern contradiction of technology being incredibly isolating and connecting simultaneously. This film started off as one thing and it’s interesting how it’s evolved given the current climate we live in. Some opt to reinforce queer joy and pictures of happiness, while I prefer to lean into the concept that we are in danger – and people need to wake up. Horror has always been a space to process, reflect and synthesize what’s actually happening in the real world and this is my interpretation of what our community is currently going through. A brutal film for brutal times”.

The short film was produced by Driven Equation and directed by Amir Moini. You can catch the film

SLASHR will be playing in:

Queer Screams – Aug 18-20th in Portland, OR

HorrorHound – Aug 18-20th in Indianapolis, IL

Screamfest – Oct 10-19th in Los Angeles, CA

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