Cailee Rae Has an EP and Her Own Smashbox Lip Gloss at Just 16

Many Instagram stars are famous for their seductive selfies, but Cailee Rae amassed 620,000 Instagram followers by sharing her voice (okay, and a few hot makeup-inspo selfies too).

At 13, Cailee moved away from Missouri to LA. Now, at 16, Cailee has already released a full EP, Overthinking, and came up with the idea for her first music video for “Anchor.” We spoke to Cailee about gaining fans through Instagram, why boys should stop telling us to wear less makeup, and her upcoming collab with Smashbox.

Tell us a little bit about yourself! When did you first discover your passion for singing? How have you worked towards your goal of being a professional artist?

Well, I’m 16 years old from Missouri. I really got into music from just being drawn to instruments and singing and wanting to find myself a hobby. When I was in second grade, I asked my mom for a guitar and started teaching myself how to play. I came out to LA to record a song that I had written for fun.  I ended up meeting a few people, staying, and from there have just grown into who I am.  I am very grateful. I really have just taken the time to learn. There is always room for improvement and learning so I just do my best to always keep improving and changing. I’m honestly just super passionate about music and love what I do.

MySpace was once the platform of choice for musicians, but Instagram is finding its place now that it allows videos. Do you think that Instagram will soon be the social media of choice for musicians as well? Why or why not?

I think it will. Instagram is a way to reach people all over the world. The video length is perfect because it’s not too long, but not too short either. I love it.

How do you think social media is changing the music industry?

It’s making it easier to get out there independently. You can distribute yourself and your music without a record label. Before, you needed a record label to really get a huge fan base and spread your music. Now you can spread and grow through [social media].

Your song “Anchor” touches on self-love. That is a really important concept to grasp, especially at such a young age. Do you think more girls should focus on self-love rather than a relationship with someone else?

I think it’s important to love yourself before loving another person. I have learned through experience that when you try to love someone else before yourself or depend on another person to make you happy, it’s hard to understand what you need. Life is always changing and throwing new challenges at you and if you take on those challenges while being sad or unloving of yourself, it makes them a million times harder (especially when you are growing up). The people around you reflect you. If you are positive and happy, your environment will reflect that.

Do you feel that you are more confident/mature than other girls your age?

I do [laughing]. My mom has always said that I was an old soul.

You came up with the concept of the “ Anchor” music video on your own, what music videos have inspired you in the past?

Yes, I mean I have always loved music videos because they bring stories to life. When I was little, I loved Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s music videos. They always told the cutest and funniest stories.

What are your Top 5 must-have makeup products?

Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ highlighters, Daisy Blush from MAC, Cocoa butter chapstick, and LOREAL Carbon Black Mascara (honestly so many more, but this is what comes to mind first.) I LOVE MAKEUP.

At what age did you start getting into your own beauty routine?

At 13, I started getting into makeup and skin care. I started getting acne and I really wanted to find the best ways to take care of my skin. I also just really loved putting on makeup and doing my sister’s makeup. It was always so fun to me.

What do you have to say to makeup critics, or the type of guys who say that girls should “stop wearing so much makeup?

Everyone has their opinions and everyone is different. People need to do what makes them feel happy, confident, and beautiful. It’s not anyone else’s say. It’s what you personally feel looks good and beautiful to you. We need to respect and love more in this world!

Can you tell us about your collab with Smashbox?

I love Smashbox. They are so sweet and I have used their products forever.  I was really excited because I got the opportunity to create a customized lip gloss with them that I named after my EP Overthinking! I’m doing a giveaway soon. Stay tuned!

You’ve been dating your boyfriend for over a year, and he’s also amassed an impressive social media following, how do you two support each other both being creative artists? Is there a duet in your future?

He is so sweet. We’re best friends and love each other so much. We support each other’s craziest dreams and visions and are always there for each other. On the duet note, sadly probably not musically, because he doesn’t sing. He’s into film so maybe we could do something fun with that. Who knows, we just love being creative together. He’s the best.

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