Halsey Transformed ‘Love Yourself’ Into an Even More Perfect F*ck Off Anthem

Even though there’s nothing wrong with liking a Justin Bieber song in 2016, he doesn’t exactly have indie cred yet.

Luckily for all those people out there loving JBiebs on the low, indie badass Halsey is here to transform your guilty pop pleasure into the f*ck off anthem of your dreams.


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Making a guest appearance at Aussie indie radio station triple J, Halsey chose to take on Justin Bieber’s newest number one hit, “Love Yourself,” a tell-off track reportedly written about Selena Gomez, who just so happens to have a tattoo that says “love yourself first” on her back.

Only instead of just covering the song, Halsey took one big artistic liberty, changing the lyrics “love yourself” to “f*ck yourself.”

Surprisingly that one word change makes all the difference.

Before she launched into her cover, she took a second to comment on that one time she sang with Justin Bieber on the Today Show.

I was onstage in like, super baggy jeans and I have like, my short haircut, and I’m singing onstage and thinking to myself, ‘How cool is it that, you know, there are girls sitting at home watching the biggest male pop star in the world onstage with a girl who’s not necessarily traditionally feminine or traditionally beautiful,” she said. “If I was that short-haired, punk chick sitting at home who secretly loved Justin Bieber, I’d be like, ‘Yes! You go! You get that!'”

For the record, she didn’t “go get” Justin, but you know what she did nail? The track — which is kind of more important anyway.

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