Brief History in Naked Rihanna

Good for her, she looked DOPE last night at the CFDA awards. Her general procedure is to turn up to places and show up everyone else. Literally no one is talking about anything else from last night. Honestly, I barely know what the CFDA is apart from the fact that Rihanna went to its award ceremony last night. We know Rihanna is notorious for not being fully clothed, here’s some of her other RISKAY moments. GWAN GIRL.

CFDA 2014
Dude this is the kind of dress all/most/some/maybe just me, dream of wearing their whole lives.

the fact that this is how Rihanna chills out

Lui #1
The best shoot of the year.

Lui 2
The best shoot of the decade.

GQ #1
Men magazines in general piss me off, but GQ tend to kill it editorially.

GQ 2
Haha I don’t know what’s going on here, but it’s weird enough that it’s cool I guess.

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