Run the World’s Bresha Webb is stealing our hearts playing Renee on the Starz Hit Series! A show that centers on Black Women’s friendships, successful careers, and sisterhood in Harlem. Bresha, hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, got her start by making appearances on hit shows like ER before eventually working her way towards more leading roles. Brehsa embodies everything that Galore stands for and is unapologetically – her! We’re so excited to talk with Bresha about her leading role, her upbringing, and more! Catch the Run the World’s season finale tonight on Starz!

Featured Interview:

How is your creativity redefining the culture?

 I’m having a great time exploring all of my talents and becoming a multi-hyphenated artist. Creatively it’s allowing me to not limit myself. I am communicating my true artistic expression on many platforms. Whether I’m acting, doing standup, directing, producing, singing, or hosting I am using all forms of storytelling and hopefully inspiring more artists to think outside the box. 

Your character Renee is the epitome of a galore girl, how do you relate to this character personally?

I relate to Renee in many ways. We are both Tauruses. We love fashion and we shoot straight from the hip. We are both loyal and we love to take care of the people who take care of us. My middle name is also “Renee.” I was meant to play her. We are connected. 


How did you get cast in the role of Renee and were there other characters you audition for before?

I only auditioned for Renee. I heard whispers about the show and the character from some people and my team. I just knew I was the right fit for her. As soon as I read her first line I knew I had to do it.  

Renee is the Samantha Jones for the culture where did you pull your inspiration from when embodying this character?

First of all, to be in the same sentence as “Samantha Jones” played by the amazing Kim Cattrall is a dream come true. “Sex in The City” raised me. Playing “Renee Ross” I definitely pulled inspiration from Samantha’s upper-class fashion and “Regine Hunter” from “Living Single” street style and flashy hair choices. They both have a way of delivering the “funny” that I also used in playing “Renee.” They both have fun and express themselves freely through fashion and wordplay. 


So Renee is in a bit of a love triangle this season what can we expect with her final decision in the end?

Renee finally follows her heart. She’s had time to reflect and she knows what’s best for her own growth and for her heart. It’s a fun finale and I hope everyone has enjoyed her journey to her truth. 

Out of all the characters on the show who would be your bestie in real life and why?

Barb for sure. She’s a hoot on and off the screen. I can’t wait for more awkward conversations between her and Renee. Renee really wants to connect with her and her business. Erika Alexander is a Phenomenal WOMAN.  

Earrings by Badacious

Working with the iconic fashion icon Patricia Fields / Tracy L. Cox? on seasons 1 + 2 for styling how involved are you with that process of what Renee should wear?

I was so involved. Maybe too involved. Our fittings would go on for hours and would be so fun. Playing dress up with them never felt like work. I am petite so I require a bit of tailoring for things to make sense on my body. Working with the icon Patricia Fields and the fabulous magician Tracy L.Cox you can’t go wrong. They trust the actor’s journey and they want us to feel good. No matter what, I always felt great when I walked to the set. They made me feel like a million bucks. Love you too Nadia Tulin. 

What black designer are you obsessed with at the moment?

There’s not just one. I love Sergio Hudson, Charles Harbison, and Jovana Louis.   


What is your daily beauty ritual what products do you swear by?

I love to put on my serums and say my daily affirmations in the mirror.  

One beauty item you can’t live without?

Tracey Hudson Vitamin C serum and Supergoop sunblock 

What song is your go-to summer workout track at the moment?

“One Margarita” by ThatchickAngel


What advice would you give your 16-year-old self? 

Have fun and stay focused. Who cares if they don’t like you? It’s not that serious. God got you, GURL! Dream BIGGER!

What are your thoughts on love at the moment? 

I just got married. I love being in love. I love having a partner. I love that I found love in a hopeless place. I hope I can inspire more to find love and to be loved.  

Renee was wined and dined this what is the perfect date night for you whats the restaurant what is the plan?

Of course, it is. I wanna go out and have a twirl. I love to dance and do activities. A state fair or an amusement park on a summer night sounds so romantic. I love to have fun and make memories. 

Are you a shoe fanatic like us if so what shoe are you obsessed with?

I love shoes. I’ve stopped going to the shoe department first because I’ll spend all of my money. I just buy what I like.  


Birkin or Telfar 


How is it working with iconic Yvette Lee Bowser as your Executive Producer on this series? 

I am grateful to be a part of her legacy of storytelling. She is a legend and because of her, we all can. I am most amazed by the way she values her family and is still a beacon of light in the industry. As an EP she has made sure that “Run the World” is for women, told by women. Women in front and behind the camera.  

You have been on many films and tv shows like ER, Weeds, and Sextuplets + what was your inspiration to get into acting?

I always loved to perform but when I saw the regional stage play of “The Wiz” I knew that I could do it. I would watch T.V. and I wanted to be inside of the screen. I wanted to play with them. My parents never took my words for granted and started putting me in plays and dance classes and the rest is history. I went to the Baltimore School for the Arts and I really started to fall in love with acting. I adore the teachers there and the program. They really gave me my wings. 

Any advice for young black girls out there who want to get into this industry

Go for it! Someone wise told me, “There isn’t an elevator to success, you must take the stairs.” Get in class, study, learn from the greats, and don’t limit yourself. You can do anything. Don’t dream it, be it. Follow God. He’s the best agent. 

Being a black woman in comedy where do you source your humor from when did you realize you had the funny gene

I find comedy in everything. When I was a kid I would make fun of people in church. Church was my first audience. Then school and dance class. I knew I had something when people would ask me, “Do it again!” 

What did growing up in a Christian household teach you

Pray about everything. Pray then react. That taught me how to keep God first. I love that my parents encouraged me to seek God on my own. That is one of the key components that have held me together all of these years. I’m grateful.  

What does sisterhood mean to you?

Having a safe space to be your most authentic self. Crying, laughing, and honest conversations.  


How are you navigating your character’s depth as we see Renee growing so much this season?

I was just staying truthful and in the moment. Renee was processing a lot of things and so was I at the same time. We definitely had some similarities and we both grew together. All and all I’m proud of us.    

What is the underlying message of the Season 2 finale of Run the World

The heart wants what it wants. And it’s worth fighting for no matter what.  

What is next for you on this beautiful journey 

The sky’s the limit. I just did Comic View on BET. I will continue doing stand-up comedy and exploring more of my other talents. I can’t wait for you to see. 


Team Credits:

Photography: Ricardo Horatio Nelson (@Ricardohoratio)

Wardrobe Stylist: Nadia Tulin (@nadia.tulin)

Hair: Sharif Poston (@sharifposton)

Make-up artist: Dion Xu (@Makeupbydion)

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