Yes, Your Boyfriend Loves His Dog More Than He Loves You

If you’re a dog-lovin’ lady, you’re probably hyped to see a guy on Tinder who’s got a cute pooch. But have you ever stopped to think that he’ll always prize his pooping puppy over you?

Well, according to a study, he probably does!

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The study, taken by Rover, shows that 54% of people would end a relationship if they think their dog doesn’t like their boo. Plus, 47% of people with a boo would rather not see their partner for the week than go without their dog for the week.

So not only do you have to try to impress some finance bro on a first date, you also have to make sure his French bull dog warms up to you. There’s also a pretty good chance your boo will always like spending time with their dog more than you. Ugh, bye.

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To be clear, this study surveyed male and female pet owners, so you’re just as likely to date a girl who prizes her pup over you.

The message isn’t that guys with dogs suck, it’s that people with dogs should maybe just date their dogs if they love them so much? JK, we do not support bestiality at Galore, but you know what I’m saying.

If you don’t hate dog-owners like I kinda-sorta do, go on and date dog lovers all you want. Just don’t be surprised when they treat their puppy like their second girlfriend — or child.

H/T: Teen Vogue

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