Here’s the Blac Chyna Delivery Room Mannequin Challenge You Never Wanted

The idea of the mannequin challenge is kind of boring, but also mesmerizing to the point where we just can’t get enough of them, so it was only a matter of time before one of the Kardashians got around to making one.

Yesterday, it was Blac Chyna, giving us all a preview of the birthing experience that will soon be broadcast on a TV near you.

Rob was there, kneeling by the foot of Chyna’s vag while Kris was standing over Chyna’s shoulder, finger in her mouth, willing on the madness; and at the center of it all was Chyna, legs open, hospital gown barely covering her nether regions, frozen in a tableaux of the worst pain a woman will ever experience in her life, all to the dulcet sounds of MikeWillMadeIt.

Congratulations, you guys.

The news of Dream’s birth may not have been quite the headline maker you wanted, but at least you hit this one out of the park.

Dream Team 💕 #mannequinchallenge

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