A celeb hair colorist dishes on the biggest trends for fall

Everyone know’s that a good dye job can really make or break a look. So many celebrities have completely elevated their careers with a hair color makeover — and behind those trends are the celebrity colorists who have an eye for how to change up a look and maintain it.

Kate Reid, the director of color at KEVIN.MURPHY, gives us the answers to everything we’ve always wanted to know about how celebrities get that eternally shiny hair and what colors are going to be a hit this season. She also walks us through KEVIN.MURPHY’s environmentally friendly line and why we need to go natural to get the best color. Check it out below!

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How do you decide on what new colors you create?

Fashion is a huge source of inspiration when it comes to developing new shades. From a performance standpoint, we introduce new shades when we have trouble creating it within our existing portfolio. Part of having a compact colour range is making sure that each new shade serves a purpose.

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What are some great everyday products that most people don’t know they need?

STAYLING.ALIVE is a super lightweight, pH lowering product that not only locks colour in but repairs your hair – an everyday must-have. BLONDE.ANGEL to keep a pearlised result and rid any traces of yellow from the hair while giving a silky finish. All blondes need this!

How did you get started with hair coloring?

I started hairdressing at 15 and my love of colour flourished around 7 years in. Now I’m totally colour obsessed! Knowing how colour can enhance your look, making you edgier, more fashionable or younger is incredibly powerful to me.


What is a color you think will catch on this fall?

The baby lights technique. Colour is becoming softer. Bronde and sun-kissed looks will continue to lead the way with consumers. Dense pastels are here to stay. Blonde will slay as technology continues to improve the possibilities.

What hair colors are most highly requested?

The most requested services are grey coverage and Balayage. Grey coverage will always be a staple. We are launching RETOUCH.ME a light mist that blends and covers grey for all hair colours.

What’s the best way to get an instant fall transformation with color and products?

We are working with more and more bangs. Adapt a bang into your style and ask your stylist to teach you how to change up your styling regimen with some fresh new products. Changing up your styling products can create a totally different look. Also think about adding a shadow into your root area – this little change can make a big difference.

What is the best way to maintain color?

Home maintenance. Products like KEVIN.MURPHY are sulphate free and contain naturally derived ingredients to care for colour treated hair. Using products with heat protection will also help to maintain fresher colour longer. Regular appointments to maintain your colour are critical.

What’s the best way to hide/treat summer sun damaged hair?

Beyond a haircut, wearing your hair wavy and utilising treatments to nourish the hair will help salvage summer-damaged hair. I love KILLER.CURLS help to enhance curl while reducing the amount of heat styling required to get a springy, styled finish.

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What is a celebrity hair color people most often want to replicate?

Chrissy Teigen has beautiful hair colour that is always on point. With the growing Balayage trend, Chrissy is a great example to take to your hairdresser.  Jennifer Lawrence had a good run with diverse blonde shades too. As far as fast fashion, Kylie Jenner has rocked some pastels to be desired.

What’s the biggest mistake people make when choosing hair color?

They look at pictures and find a beautiful image but don’t consider what they currently have and what would need to happen to achieve the image and the maintenance required. Maintenance is the deal breaker for most so understand the time, and cost, needed for upkeep.

Is there anything you’ve always wanted to try on someone’s hair?

I tend to try new ideas, techniques and colours on clients as the pop up in my head!

Has there ever been a client you we’re nervous to work with?

Not really. I feel like communication is key. Never promise what you can’t deliver and explain the steps it will take to achieve the look. I haven’t always moved forward with all services clients want and as a professional I truly believe it’s the correct way to move forward.

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How do you evaluate what a client needs vs wants?

It’s the consultation period that helps navigate through the client’s needs vs. wants. You need to explain what each look would entail and then ultimately, they choose if its right for them. Images are always a great way of communicating to gain better understanding, as is our FRINGE.BENEFITS tool which allows clients to try on a new colour before they commit.

How do people who dye a lot like celebs keep their hair so smooth and healthy?

It’s almost impossible. Today, what you don’t know is a lot celebrities use wigs and hair extensions to create these looks. You must maintain your hair at this level like a high quality beautiful silk dress: heat protection, weekly treatments, minimal heat styling, and regular haircuts. It’s expensive but can be so worth it.

What’s the craziest request you’ve received?

Bright blue all over, a little like a Smurfette; it’s just not my thing! I also won’t compromise a client’s hair quality as most consumers just don’t have the resources to maintain it.

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