This is what back to school looks like in NYC

If you think that back to school style in New York City might be a bit more extra than most places, you’re not wrong.

With the city as your campus, it’s a lot easier to try out new styles and really work your look. Back to school style is no exception for this and weather you’ve been planning it all year long or sweatpants is your move (me), you gotta commit to it.

These NYC students talked to us about their style and going to school in New York. Check it out below with pics!

Gabriella Scaringe

I think back to school looks are all about first impressions, and going to school for the first time after a summer away can be really intimidating for a lot of people. I always want to seem like an approachable, kind, and colorful person when I’m meeting new people in my classes, and wearing something handmade like my earrings really makes my outfit a reflection of myself. Plus there’s nothing happier than the color yellow.

Yu Ling Wu

Just wanted to channel my Capricorn goddess in hopes Aaliyah would bring me good luck for my senior year.

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Maia Zoe

Back to school looks are always poppin in New York, we’ve been killing it since pre-k.

Elise Loving

I basically only wear sneakers cause I walk everywhere and I love a simple slip dress when it’s hot out. But my go-to outfit is usually a good pair of vintage Levi’s jeans and a simple t-shirt.

Nyahan Techie-Menson

I love going to school in New York because I can wear literally anything and no one will ever look at me funny.

Brooke Smith

Like a middle schooler, I straighten my hair every day and having claws is extremely important to me. I think even if I didn’t go to school in New York I would still dress like a hungover pop star stuck into the 2000s on their way to Starbucks: Dior single lenses shades, a mini skirt, huge platforms, chains, and a bag bigger than I am everyday.

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Emmalee Johnson-Kao

Work pants only.

Prao Leeswadtrakul

Most days I wear fancy pajamas to school.

Macy Swenson

I’m thrilled to be back and test out new looks at school throughout the year!

Carmela Wilkins

Normally at school I like to go for the old lady look like lace and long skirts but today it’s just oversized clothes which I think looks good on me too.

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Camille Elliot

This year I just want to be comfortable but not sloppy.

Photos by Madeline Macartney


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