We’d stab someone with a gel pen to get a pair of these 90s af Reebok x Lisa Frank sneakers

If you still think henna chokers and gel pens are two back to school items every girl needs, congratulations. You’re going to love this new pair of shoes Lisa Frank and Reebok teamed up to make.

“90s kids have such fond memories of their childhood and want to share their joy and excitement with their friends, families and coworkers,” Lisa Frank said in a press release, adding, “rainbow colors and fantasy characters never go out of style.”

And yes, they are covered with absolutely anything Lisa Frank your heart could desire.


Here’s a shot of what the back of the shoes look like:


And here’s a close-up of the details:


Of course, this being life, there is a catch.

There’s only one pair available.

Well, technically there are two, but one’s for a child so unless you have incredibly small feet, they’re not gonna work out for you.

But if you wanna try and get one-of-a-kind and guaranteed conversation starting shoes for absolutely free, here’s what you need to do.

Tweet to @ReebokClassics and @LisaFrank to answer the question: What’s your favorite trend from your back to school days?

Reebok will pick two winners based on the most unique answers so just enthusiastically replying “TRAPPER KEEPERS!!!” probs won’t be what they’re looking for.

Good luck, fam.

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