The Ending of Big Little Lies Was Disappointing

The Big Little Lies finale on Sunday night had it all.

A curiously bloodless murder, men running around in Hawaiian shirts and rhinestone-studded onesies, incredibly flattering lighting, and an ending that might as well have been lifted straight out of Mean Girls.

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WARNING: If you haven’t watched the season finale of Big Little Lies, the entire show will be ruined for you if you keep reading, sooooooo consider yourself warned.

After everybody gets very boozed up at the Audrey Hepburn/Elvis karaoke school fundraiser, a surprising amount of shit goes down in a surprisingly undramatic way.

Celeste confesses to Jane that she cheated on her husband, Celeste’s current husband and ex-husband almost get into a physical fight, and the girls silently have multiple revelations about the depth of Perry’s awfulness (namely that he both raped Jane and physically abuses Celeste).

How they manage to convey all these messages is genuinely confusing, but the looks on their eyes seems to confirm that everybody has a sudden moment of revelation.




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Throughout all of this, Bonnie is randomly being very attentive to what’s going on and comes out of left field to save the day and take things into Mean Girls territory real quick.

Clock this:

Cady Herring (Bonnie) has a confrontation with Regina George (Perry Wright), queen of the mean girls (kind of the abusive rapists) and then Regina (Perry) ends up getting hit by a bus (pushed down the stairs).

Granted, in Mean Girls, Regina only gets put into the hospital and Perry dies a wonderfully gratifying death, but that’s by far the biggest deviation.

From there, Big Little Lies copies Mean Girls’ final scene where everybody’s chilling together on the lawn right outside their high school because the traumatic events of the previous 15 minutes have magically brought them all together.

Only on Big Little Lies, everybody’s chilling at the beach.

And I mean everybody.

Bonnie’s there, Renata Klein is there, and so is a police person because Celeste is probably in jail or about to go to jail, which hardly seems fair seeing as she wasn’t even the person to push Perry down the stairs, but hey, that’s our justice system.


Was it the most satisfying ending in the world?


Does it seem improbable that something as simple as a little murder would bring all these diametrically opposed women together?

Honestly, yes.

Is it unfair Celeste is probably gonna have to go to jail for something she didn’t even do?

Again, don’t even get me started on it.

But there’s one thing I think we can all agree on:

Big Little Lies should come back for a second season.

HBO, make it happen.

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