Nobody on Big Little Lies Understands How to Use Wine Glasses

“Big Little Lies” is ending on Sunday and while there are still plenty of very important questions to answer – who gets killed, who does the killing, who’s hurting Amabella, and did Madeline really think Sade was Adele, or was she just messing with Bonnie – I have to take a moment to draw attention to what I consider to be an even bigger question.

What the fuck is going on with their wine glasses?

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Exhibit A

Celeste uses a red wine glass to drink white wine


The. Nerve. Of. Her.

Granted, Celeste Wright has a lot bigger things on her mind than whether or not she’s using the proper wine glass to drink her “I can’t believe I have to sit next to my abusive rapist of a husband and smile because our kids are right there face” glass of Pinot Grigio at dinner, but still.

She’s a grown up who buys her clothes from The Row and spends a lot of time trying to project the image that her life is perfect.

You’d think she wouldn’t neglect a detail like using the right wine glass.

Although counter point, maybe she doesn’t.

Celeste drinks wine in her house on multiple occasions, and it seems like she may only have one kind of glass.



Note: Celeste and co. are drinking the appropriate type of wine in both of these scenes.

Either Celeste’s white wine faux pas was a momentary lapse of etiquette or for all her sophistication, Celeste DGAF about stemware.

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Exhibit B

Bonnie making all these adults drinks wine out of something you’d buy at Urban Outfitters


Okay, unless you’re still going through your college boho phase, you should never EVER drink wine out of anything that doesn’t have a stem.

No mason jars, no mugs, and definitely not little clay mugs you got from Mexico.

Even Madeline’s not into this, as you can see her from her not at all taken out of context look above.

“I love these really creative little cups,” Madeline sneered. “Ed prefers more traditional glass cups for wine, but these are so – ” 

And that’s it.

She can’t even finish the back-handed compliment because that’s how atrocious these wine receptacles are to her.

Especially because Bonnie told her she bought them from Mexico, only she pronounced it Meh-hee-co like a big fat phony.

Exhibit C

Madeline and Ed drink their wine out of mismatched cups



As if we needed to be hit over the head any harder by the symbolism of how Madeline and her current husband aren’t in sync about anything and are probs-def not right for each other.

These two don’t even use the same wine glasses to drink the same damn wine.

A trend which continues throughout the entire, and sadly very limited series.



Exhibit D

Madeline also uses red and white wine glasses interchangeably



Apparently this is the base of Madeline and Celeste’s friendship.

And yes, I know all of this is incredibly petty, but doesn’t it just kind of seem like a directorial oversight?

Don’t you think Californian couples with enough money to afford gorgeous beachfront properties and designers clothes would both have more than one type of wine glass and know when to use each one?

But then again, part of the whole dramatic arch of Big Little Lies revolves around exposing how even the most Stepford-looking community is littered with imperfections and lies and explosive, deadly anger.

Of course these people wouldn’t know how to use wine glasses.

Now I get it.


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