Bella Hadid Revealed She’s Obsessed With Crystals

Bella Hadid isn’t one of those celebrities who bares a new facet of her soul with every interview she gives or Instagram she posts. She’s a woman of few words and even fewer facial expressions.

But on Monday night, Bella Hadid let her guard down and shared a fascinating secret about her with the world: she’s one of those people who believes in the power of healing crystals.

And she seems to own a lot of them.

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To celebrate the full moon today, Bella decided to leave “a few” of her favorite and most-used crystals out to soak up the energy of the moon and re-charge, which is apparently a thing people do.

“As I fly to Dubai tonight, a few of my favorite crystals will be here charging with the bright & full ‘pink moon,’” Bella captioned her photo of six crystals in various shapes and colors next to what appears to be a long wand with a thin band of cloth tied around it.

And remember, this picture just represents “a few” of the crystals in Bella Hadid’s collection.

Not even half, but a few, meaning she’s probably got more than 12 of these “magical” rocks strewn about her apartment.

Now, there are a few reasons why Bella would have kept her growing crystal collection a secret for so long, but it’s probably just because healing crystals make you seem like a New Age nut job.

“Crystals, on the surface, are a compilation of rocks that may seemingly appear to have no personal affect on us but this is far from the truth,” Tatianna Tarot, a spiritual consultant and energetic healer, once told Galore, seemingly proving my point. “These ‘stones’ each carry a particular frequency and attract a specific vibration that brings about a positive energetic result into our lives.”

And yet there’s absolutely zero scientific evidence these things actually do anything besides drain your bank account and look cute on Instagram.

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However, like pretty much everything in life, if you believe in them, they’ll probably improve your mood and you’ll feel better about yourself.

“Engaging with technology all day is draining to our systems, so people are seeking natural means of restoring and replenishing their energy,” says spiritual teacher Krista Mitchell. “What I see in people who seek crystal healing is a desire for something more than their everyday work lives and personal obligations.”

But you know what, Bella?

Even though you had a good reason for keeping this to yourself, it’s good that you came out of the New Age closet.

Collecting crystals may be low key crazy, but at least it lets the world get a peak at just a glimpse of the woman behind all the placid-faced bikini selfies.

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