The Beginner’s Guide to Crystal Healing

We have no shame in carrying Garnet in our bra and Tiger’s Eye in our Levi’s. Here’s why.

Crystal healing has been traced back as far as ancient civilizations, but it recently made a major cultural comeback. Even celebrities have caught on to the trend — Kylie Jenner publicly displayed her interest in this holistic healing, Victoria & David Beckham have admitted to carrying Pink Quartz and Black Tourmaline with them for spiritual and superstitious support and sibling duo Willow and Jaden Smith even started their own indie crystal lab to create “vibe cleansing” gems.

To help further our insight on crystals and their healing properties, we spoke with spiritual consultant & energetic healer, Tatianna Tarot.

“Crystals, on the surface, are a compilation of rocks that may seemingly appear to have no personal affect on us but this is far from the truth,” she said. “These ‘stones’ each carry a particular frequency and attract a specific vibration that brings about a positive energetic result into our lives. Not one stone is the same and they can all be mixed for a variety of effects and functions.’

With that said, it’s essential to know which stone will cure your needs and stimulate your desires. Here’s the remedy.

Health & Well Being

Quartz enhances one’s well being by increasing and cleansing their energy. Specifically, Smokey Quartz helps rid negative energy including illness, pain and discomfort. Lithium Quartz reduces stress and tension.

Bloodstone can be used to boost self-esteem and life force energy, allowing you to be your most radiant self.

Love, Relationships, Passion & Sex

Garnet, known for being the stone of passion, can help align sexual power, love and lust. Garnet will enhance your attraction level — ultimately making you even more irresistible. It is also known to bring commitment to relationships.

Rose Quartz is said to contain ‘love-inducing’ properties. It is used to open the heart for attracting and healing love (within yourself as well as your relationship with others). Also, Rose Quartz is an aphrodisiac; it stimulates sensuality.

Tip: place these stones in your bra for even more steamy juju. Tatianna explains that “crystals work best with direct skin contact” and she “find the effects of wearing them directly on me to be extremely helpful.”

Inner Peace, Clarity & Contentment

Turquoise induces inner peace, calmness and a sense of security within yourself. It also reduces anxiety, self doubt and helps prevent panic attacks, exhaustion and depression.

Lepidolite aids in healing depression, emotional discomfort and major mental health issues (i.e. addictions, traumas, phobias, rage) by triggering a feeling of relaxation and self acceptance. Also, it’s said to initiate synchronicities (those things that happen that seem too relevant to just be coincidence). These occurrences can help bring meaning and clarity to the unknown.  

Angelite nurtures peace, awareness/realization and balance within one’s life. It helps bring clarity and contentment.

Prosperity, Abundance & Success

Citrine is ideal for generating abundance into your life in the form of success and prosperity. Citrine is believed to guide manifesting your desires, increase will power and bring upon unexpected luck. Additionally, it can be used to help remove fear and obstacles that may come in the way of your success.

Tiger’s Eye is known for focusing the minds and energizing intentions. Tiger’s Eye also provokes inner talent and charm to shine through. This mixture can help one accomplish their dreams.

And now a word from Spencer…

It’s no secret that “The Hills” star Spencer Pratt loves himself positive energy. We had to know his secret to being so damn vivacious (honestly if we can get even half way on his energy level, we’d be more than happy) so we asked him to weigh in for this story.

“I’ve already had five espressos this morning so I have more than enough energy,” he said. Got it. One Pratt approved espresso coming our way.

But if Spencer ever needs a boost, he consults crystals — primarily Rose Quartz and Kunzite, which are “love-inducing” stones. These crystals are used to open your heart and attract love into all areas of your life. When he wants to amp up his vibe, he reaches for his go-to high frequency rocks such as Moldavite and Phenakite. These stones are only used for when he is feeling really dynamic.

He’s “convinced that if you cover your body in crystals, there’s going to be some wild energy.” This is why Spencer rarely wears crystals outside the house — that and “[he] already walks around with tie-dye shirts so crystals all over [him] would be a little much.”

“But in a world with no judgements,” he said, “I would totally rock a crystal crown but I try to be low key.” Spence suggests you start slow and chill — once you get start with crystals, it can become highly addictive (not to mention expensive, he advises you purchase from a wholesale retailer) and “take you down the rabbit hole.”

Lastly, like many others, Spencer simply uses crystal healing as a spiritual practice. “If you are into love, you are into love.” Simple as that.

Thanks for the enlightenment, Spence.

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