Beauty Hacks with Danna Paola

Latin beauty is diverse in it’s name an in it’s representation, the nuances of Latin culture manifest through the sounds of music, the aroma of food prepared with love in a family kitchen or your favorite restaurant, it is in the sway of a woman’s hips and the iridescent smiles.

Danna Paola’s glam and work is influenced by her Latin identity; “I’m Latina and no one can take that away from me – my Latin roots in my music are my #1 hallmark” she shared with us. Styled by Paula Machado and Bayardo Estrada, glammed up by Gerald Santiago, and hair done by Omar Alvarez, Danna’s Glam team is representative of the diverse talents of those of us who come from a Latinx background.

When asked about what Latinx support means to her Danna proudly indicated:I believe the more we all support each other as Latinos, the stronger we are… I really consider myself a very supportive person with everyone out there who’s fighting for the same dream as I am. Supporting and helping each other, collaborating, it’s something that has been very important for me from the beginning. There are many doors that were closed for me, people who didn’t show solidarity with me even though they were Mexicans or Latinos or whatever. I’ve learned a lot from the fact that in this life you should always support and be proud of being Latino. I feel very proud to be Latina and to see so many of my fellow colleagues doing the same thing; helping each other! it’s a huge boost to our souls. So I think we have to keep on doing this”.

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Edited by SHIRLEY REYNOZO @moyamusic_

Photography: Josh Eskridge

Creative Direction: PRINCE CHENOA @princechenoa

Cover Art: SEBASTIÁN CHICCHÓN @jager.noon

Glam Makeup: Gerald Santiago

Hair: Omar Alvarez

Stylist: Paula Machado and Bayardo Estrada


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