Bad Bunny is breaking hearts and breaking records

Bad Bunny just won 2018. If you dont know who Bad Bunny is yet, you for sure have heard  his music and we think 2019 is going to be big for the Puerto Rican trap superstar. Bad Bunny whose given name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio has been dominating the Reggaeton scene since 2017 and had a major crossover in 2018 when he collaborated with Cardi B and J Balvin on the hottest song of summer “I Like It”. He then collabed with Drake on “Mia” in October , with Drake rapping in spanish nonetheless, followed with a steamy AF video with JLo for their joint track “Te Guste”.  To top the year, Bad Bunny blessed us with his first album “X 100pre” on Christmas eve.  Also notorious for his bold fashion choices he’s become quite a star in the fashion scene. He’s proved he’s not afraid to take a risk. Breaking down gender norms with his nail art and fun colors.  Now do you see why Bad Bunny had the best year ever…? We had the chance to have our fantasy wedding with this latin papi, and it was nothing short of magical. Honestly if we believed in marriage he’s deff be “the one”. Check out our shoot and Q+A with Bad Bunny bellow

Suit: Maison Margiela
Turtle neck: S-TEAM LA
Shoes: Gucci

On her: Dress: Rivini by Rita Vinieris
Earrings: Ranjana Khan

Where did the name Bad bunny come from?

When I was a kid my mother dressed me up as a bunny and I went to school this way. I was not happy and thereʼs a photo of me in this costume with an upset face. When I was deciding what name I would give myself artistically I saw this photo and it inspired me to come up with the name Bad Bunny. I thought it was a perfect name, everyone would remember it.

How was it working with queen Jlo on “Te Guste”?

It was definitely an honor working with J Lo. I mean sheʼs amazing in every aspect and someone I admire so much. We had a lot of fun recording the video and the vibes and energy were just flowing amazing.

What made you decide to drop your debut album on Christmas eve?

Expect Bad Bunny to give you something different. I love to surprise my fans and thatʼs exactly what I did for my first album.

Underwear: Les Amis

Velvet robe & pants: Triple RRR

Jewelry: Artist’s own

Miami or Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico

Favorite color


Favorite food


Zodiac Sign


Describe your dream girl

She’s inteligent, attractive, positive, funny

Favorite fashion Designer

uffff i know everyone is going to think Gucci but I love fashion period. I go to vintage stores, thrift stores, high end stores, itʼs just what ever catches my attention I donʼt have one favorite designer I just love fashion.

Boxers or Briefs

Boxer briefs

Favorite nail color


When did you fall in love with nail art

Honestly I just woke up one day and decided to paint my nails to do something different and I ended up loving it. Itʼs become part of me at least for now.

How would you explain your level of creative artistry into words that people will understand?

wow good question … I mean I donʼt even know how to explain it I just create from the heart. My music is a reflection of how Iʼve felt at certain times in my life. Thereʼs so much negative things happening in the world today that as an artist I feel like itʼs my job to create music to make people happy, music they can dance to and forget about their problems. Iʼve learned that I have a voice through my music and I have to use it in a positive way.

Pants: Marcell Von Berlin
Shoes: ASOS

You are gender norm breaking icon any advice for young girls and boys out there who want to express themselves not repress themselves?

Always do what makes you happy not what others tell you or what society makes you think is right for you.

Tell us a secret about Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio?

Hahahaha if I tell you then itʼs not a secret. As of right now Benito is transparent and my fans know everything they need to about me.

What is next for bad bunny in 2019 ?

Wow honestly I just want to continue being focus and succeeding with my music. 2018 has been amazing for me and I want to thank everyone who supported me.

Underwear: Les Amis

Velvet robe & pants: Triple RRR

Photography: Jacob DeKat

Creative Direction: Prince Chenoa

Stylist: Patricia Alfonso

Fashion Editor : Manny Jay

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