B. Simone wants girls to stack now and cry later

If you’ve ever been scrolling through Instagram and seen those funny videos of a girl talking about f*ckboys and the glow up, chances are you already know who B. Simone is.

She started popping on social media once her videos went viral and now she’s a comedian on Wild ‘N Out and a solo artist. If you ever wanted to know where she came from and what she’s doing next, check out our Q+A below.

How did you get into comedy? What made you start recording funny videos of yourself?

My followers actually made me a comedian. I was just being  myself and venting to the camera 🙂

When did you decide to join the music industry and what steps did you take in the beginning? 

I always did music but I decided to take it serious at age 16 when I entered my first girl group. We would perform everywhere and record hella covers to popping songs. Becoming a solo artist from the girl group was a scary transition because I would be on my own. I was always used to having someone on stage with me but not anymore and that was frightening. But of course I didn’t let that stop me. I got comfortable being in the studio and on stage on my own and I was good because I grew as an artist and a person. My platform grew from literally MySpace to Instagram. I was lit on MySpace then I moved my following to Instagram. It really took off when I started making comedy videos on Instagram and venting in my car.

What’s the most fun part about what you do?

 I get free shit lol nah but I really love meeting my supporters and performing!

You were recently a comedian on Wild ‘N Out. Tell us about your experience on the show and how you got this opportunity. 

Wild ‘N Out was crazy. I literally saw that they were having a Wild ‘N Out girl audition and I went and said “I’m not a model, I’m a comedian.” I made the judges laugh and they got my information! Literally a year later I was flying to NYC for an in person audition. Once I made it through all the auditions and on to the actual show I was so excited but nervous. The first week was a boot camp basically preparing us for the show. It was the hardest thing ever and I cried a lot because I didn’t wanna go home. They started off with like 20 people and sent people home every day! It ended up being like six new people that made it and I was one of them. I was so happy to finally make it to that stage.

You have a beauty page where you share your work as a hairstylist and beauty enthusiast, do you still consider yourself a stylist or are you too busy these days?

I have been doing hair since I was six years old! I’m amazing at it and I love it but I love the entertainment business more now and I’m over laying edges. It’s always been a great hustle though because I can do it anywhere but now I’m just ready to be a star and do music, TV and performing full time. I’ll definitely open up a salon though because I need numerous sources of income and I want to own a business again one day. I know hair and my history is doing hair. I know the beauty industry so I think it will be a good business to have under my belt and an extra check.

You just released your debut album “Stack Now Cry Later,” where did the inspiration for the title come from and what can listeners expect from the album?

One of my followers actually named the album and I fell in love. The first time I got my heart broken I was barely 18. I don’t really remember how it happened or the relationship honestly,  I just know I was sad! But my last heart break, which I think was my first real one, was last year. I was so in love with a guy that wouldn’t commit to me. He made me feel very insecure after I found about so many other women he was dealing with outside of me. I just wanted to be good enough for him to commit and make me his girl, but he never did. I was finally tired of my heart being played with and I stopped dealing with him, I was so sad all the time. Instead of sitting in a depressed state I used it as fuel to get fly and skinny lol and I wrote a whole album. I just wanted to shit on him so bad lol. My favorite song on my album is the intro, “Blueberry Rain,” and “In My Bag.” I know that’s three but I couldn’t choose. Those songs are just so real and really are my real life experiences! 

Have there been any times when you doubted or had second thoughts about this project? How’d you overcome that?

I got discouraged alot because I wasn’t meeting deadlines and it frustrated me, but I got it done. 

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? What’s your dream job now?

I wanted to be a famous singer 🙂 My dream job now is to be a successful and a financially stable artist.

What’s your biggest insecurity and how have you learned to accept it and/or tried to mask it?

I don’t really any insecurities that I have to overcome beside my mustache and I just wax it lol.

If you had to pick one movie to symbolize your life, dreams and goals, what would it be? 

“Beyond the Lights” is my favorite story. Not my favorite movie but I love the story. She had her career and love in the end with still being herself.

What is the weirdest message you have received from a fan? 

Let me eat ya booty lol so gross!

Where do you hope to be in a year? 

Just further than I am now! And wealthy with a bigger fan base. I want to be in the BET Cypher next year for sure.

What do you want your supporters to take from our interview? 

I want them to know I’m cool as hell and goofy but also a hard worker! None of this happened over night and I love them very much!


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