Le Youth and Ava Max’s new video is a hot AF fashion ad come to life

Just when you thought pop music was doomed to be a never-ending mean girls battle (Thanks Katy and Taylor), newcomer Ava Max alongside producer extraordinaire Le Youth, comes to the rescue with a hot little video that combines the hype of fashion magazine nostalgia into a crazy ass dance party.

“Clap Your Hands” is a musical collab that Ava Max lent her stellar vocals to, alongside Nü Disco producer Le Youth, who you might know from his work with some of the other reigning mean girls — I mean pop queens — like Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry and Sia. Seems like this guy knows what’s up when it comes to making a hot dance track that’s like an earworm drilling itself deep into your brain holes.

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Basically it comes down to this: if you are down with summery and disco dance vibes, here’s one for your playlist.

From the song’s album art all the way to the radical music video, Le Youth and Ava wanted to make sure the fashion vibes stayed strong throughout. “For the cover art, I wanted people to feel like they were looking at a tear from a high fashion magazine. Then, the videographer (Rafatoon) took it to a whole new level by creating our own animated magazine for the video,” Le Youth says.

Gander this amazing artwork for a sec, and you’ll think they’re def trying to sell you some shoes or a beret:

But like, just kidding — they’re not selling berets or dates with hot platinum blonde musicians.

Fashion obviously played a massive role in the song, artwork, and the shared vision of Ava and Le Youth themselves — and hey, we’re not mad about it.

Check the awesome video out here, and add the track to your fave playlist.


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