Arzaylea Is a Glitter Goddess in the Streets of LA

Arzaylea‘s Instagram feed is makeup and hair goals and guess what? We got her to give us the ins and outs of her beauty routine. She even divulged some of her skincare secrets.

Known for her signature heavy lash with minimal makeup everywhere else, she knows how to keep a perfect balance between chill and glam. But when it comes to festival season, a time where all rules go out the window, she goes all out!

Taking some time out of her crazy, fun life, Arzaylea broke it down to us about all the goods — festival looks, spring beauty trends she’s loving, and what beauty items she never leaves home without.

What are some of your favorite spring beauty trends you’re seeing?

Denim is still super trendy right now, I think — at least in my world it is. Pinks, baby blues, and pale yellow — all signs of spring and are found in all aspects of my wardrobe right now! I’m also loving that flare jeans are back in full swing. I’m also seeing tons of rose gold lately. I am living for the metallic, reflective purse/backpack looks also.

What beauty looks are you trying out for festival season?

Glitter, glitter and more glitter! Stick on pearls, gems, and holographic highlight — I think it’s important to turn your face into a melting pot of your craft store faves. I am going to go absolutely crazy with the paint and shimmer. It’s basically the only socially acceptable time to walk around like a unicorn fairy princess with art all over the face, so you might as well embrace it.

What’s your everyday makeup look?

I prefer a heavy lash and minimal make up on the face! I don’t really wear foundation. A little concealer, setting powder, brows, and bronzer will do it for me. I could also be totally happy throwing on lashes and a little nose highlight, and be on with my day.

I’ve noticed on your Instagram, you’ve been experimenting with wild hair colors. What’s one hair color that you’re dying to try, but haven’t yet?

I really want to try bright pink for the summer, with green and blue at the bottom. I am honestly attached to the blue and it will be incorporated in all my wild hair color choices.

What’s your daily skin care routine like? Have you ever tried the 10-step Korean skincare routine?

I live for an aloe makeup wipe. I use Kiehl’s cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. I bathe in vitamin serums religiously — vitamins C, D, and E, and argan oil. They’re definitely the most important parts of my routine. I’ve never tried the 10-step Korean skincare routine — super interested in trying that now, though.

What are some of your favorite high-end and drugstore skincare and hair products?

I love Kiehl’s. Their masks are amazing and their moisturizer is to die for. I really don’t use high-end hair products that often. Overtone colored conditioner saves my hair so much and keeps it vibrant! IGK sea spray and dry shampoo also save my life.

I couldn’t live without makeup wipes — any drugstore makeup wipe with aloe in it has my heart. CHI hair products are cool, too, if you use heat on your hair often, but I try not to.

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What are some of your beauty secrets?

DRINKING WATER!!!! So many people aren’t drinking enough water everyday. Doing so can affect your elasticity and your skin radiance. I’m definitely drinking about 60 oz a day. Serums are probably my best kept secret also (well, not anymore). Vitamin C is a preventative and helps with sun exposure, hyperpigmentation, and radiance. I also use lavender oils and let it stay on my face over night.

What are your must have beauty items that you can’t leave home without?

A compact with highlight, lip oil, and tweezers. You’ll find all of those things in my purse at all times.

Photographer | Katya Tsyganova

Stylist | Dougie Newton

Hair | Mariama

Makeup | Brazil

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