Angel + Dren Are the Identical Twin DJs at the Craziest Celeb Parties

I know you’ve heard the following sentence one million times before, but Angel and Dren Coleman — better known by their stage name Angel + Dren — aren’t your typical DJs.

For one, they’re twins — like identical, high-fived on the way out of the same womb twins — and for another, they both graduated from an Ivy League college (Dartmouth).

Plus unlike your average DJs, they’re not just playing fashion week events and dope DJ nights, they’re DJing for Drake and Future, on oil rigs in the middle of nowhere, and at magazine shindigs where celebrities will literally try and slap cameras out of your hands so compromising photos of them don’t end up on social media.

In short, they’re killing it.

I talked to Angel + Dren about what it’s like to be hot twins, which songs always get the party started, and I asked them to spill the tea on the weirdest celebrity behavior they’ve seen on the job.


Maria Pasquini: You guys are actual twins, right?

Angel: Yes! Identical, same day, same mom… lol

MP: Do you mind playing on the public fascination with sexy twins?

Dren: I’m down to answer questions haha; but it freaks me out if people are TOO fascinated.

MP: Do guys always hit you up with just awful lines when they find out you’re twins? 

Angel: My fav is when a guy brings over a friend and says, “This is my twin.” It’s never really his twin.

Dren: I’ve been asked if Angel is a real life angel … to which I say no.

MP: Who are your favorite famous set of twins?

Angel: We had sooo many Mary Kate & Ashley movies growing up, it’s ALMOST embarrassing… except that they’re still goals and moguls. Haha Billboard Dad, It Takes Two… I could keep going.



MP: Why do you think there’s such an overlap between modeling and DJing?

Dren: I don’t think it’s just DJing per se. I personally love when brands cast individuals who you know to represent more than just the clothes they’re wearing. Having a musician or DJ be a part of certain things bridges the gap between music and fashion. Hence, it’s “good for the culture.”

MP: Do you guys like to party?

Angel: YESSS. We used to be out hereeeee. We’re from NYC so we started going out kinda early. (Don’t tell my mom). Ya girls like to dance and whine too haha.

Dren: Ya. We did NOT have two fake ids with different last names, issued from different states that worked every time…

MP: Do you still go out for fun now, or does it just remind you too much of work?

Dren: Haha recently I’ve been into Netflix and fall asleep, but I’m one of those people that can be convinced to go out for the right event or people.

MP: Do you guys get f*cked up when you work?

Dren: I don’t know how some people do it… There won’t be any music if I get too litty.



MP: What’s the best city to party in?

Angel: NYC. We grew up here and STILL love it. Every time I say I’m just going to have a chill night, I get sucked into some craziness. Miami’s really fun too. Last time we were there we played 5 parties in 4 days and each one was a lituation.

MP: What’s the worst?

Angel: Sorry Tampa! I really didn’t have fun when we played there and it was was cold. Maybe next time.

MP: How much work goes into your typical DJ set?

Dren: I spend SEVERAL hours a week finding new fun on Soundcloud, Spotify, music blogs, etc… so I would say a fair amount of work. I also make sure that no two sets have been the same

MP: Are there songs you play to get people to turn up that always work?

Angel: Some Drake will almost always get the people going.  If I want to turn myself up, I’m gonna play some reggae and hit a quick whine.


MP: So you guys just did a show on an oil tanker — what was that like? 

Angel: The sound is really good because we were just in the middle of the ocean. No noise complaints. It’s also a  really big venue and amazing scenery, especially during the day. Definitely try to check it out if you’re ever in Antigua!

Dren: It was cool, but apparently the ocean was not as calm as it usually is so it was rocking the whole time. I was really feeling it moving during our set, but I had to keep it together.

MP: Is that like, a normal thing? Is there a big market for DJing on oil tankers?

Dren: Maybe there is! Even though I don’t know of any other party tankers in the middle of the ocean. I’d definitely go back and play tomorrow. You can dive in the ocean from the trampoline.

What was the party for?

Angel: It was a Full Moon Party so we were just celebrating that. It was also an all white situation, which we didn’t know until later.

MP: What was the craziest thing you saw go down that night?

I feel like full moon + open bar had everyone on their worst behavior.

MP: What are some other weird places you’ve DJed?

Dren: I don’t know if this counts as weird, but we spun in the backstage lounge at Madison Square Garden during the Drake/Future Summer 16 tour. We also randomly spun at a hostel in Bushwick, at a party where we had no idea we were opening for , and in a parking deck. Life has taken us in different directions.

MP: What’s the most scandalous thing you’ve ever seen a celebrity do at a party — you don’t have to name the celeb, but we’re juicy gossip junkies here so please feel free to dish that dirt!!

Our manager had his Nikon camera out while we were spinning a Nylon party, but hadn’t taken any photos yet. One celeb (who shall remain nameless) rushed over and demanded that he delete all the photos of her, trying to slap the camera out of his hand. He didn’t even have any. The craziest part is that we didn’t recognize her because she was in a blonde wig and sunglasses, and had a Band-Aid across her face.

MP: Celebs, they’re just like us, but crazy af.  

For more Angel+Dren, follow them at @angelanddren

Photo credit Amina Gingold (@aminabellaa)



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